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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

CEDAR DNS 2 Dialogue Noise Suppressor – “…best companion on any job…”

Location Sound Recordist, Production Sound Mixer and Sound Designer Roberto Lapiana relies upon his CEDAR DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressor. The London-based audio engineer uses the DNS 2 throughout his work, recording, mixing and designing for film, TV, documentaries, animations, VFX, motion graphics and advertising, as well as corporate and commercial videos for major brands such as Microsoft, Red Bull and Tag Heuer.

He told us, “Featuring in this picture is my best companion on any job since I first welcomed it into the family – the CEDAR DNS 2 dialogue denoiser. Clients have rapidly appreciated how much of a timesaver it is, because we don’t have to stop and repeat takes whenever noise occurs. I use it to remove air conditioning noise, the sounds of planes and traffic as well as many other unwanted background noises, so I’m not stopping or slowing down productions any more. As a matter of fact, the DNS 2 is now one of the most requested pieces of equipment in my arsenal.”

“Unfortunately, many smaller productions do not have time for audio post production, leaving this task to video editors. The CEDAR DNS 2 speeds up their work too, and it gives me the peace of mind that the final product audio will be clean.”

“Before I got the DNS 2, I often spent a lot of time at home denoising the audio clips recorded on set. This was in my own and my client’s interest, but it meant that I had to deliver the audio clips once again. Sure, I was not supposed to do this and it sometimes created confusion, but I’m a perfectionist in what I do. But those days are gone; I can now relax when I get back home and enjoy my time off.”


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