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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

CEDAR for Pyramix 64 v8

Cedar Audio has announced the immediate availability of CEDAR for Pyramix 64 v8 which, as well as offering improvements in other modules, brings all of the benefits of the latest machine learning and AI capabilities of Retouch 8 to the Pyramix platform.

CEDAR says it invented spectral editing but, not content to leave things as they were, we have continued to research ways to improve it, making it faster and easier to use, able to cure a more extensive range of problems, as well as making it even more productive in a wider range of settings.

For example, there are many occasions when you will encounter similar instances of unwanted sounds in a track – things such as hi-hat spill, over-excited sibilants and plosives, or even the repetitive noises caused by machinery. Until now, one would remove these by identifying each event individually and then defining it manually, but today you can mark one of the offending sounds and then ask the machine learning algorithm in Retouch 8 to find all of the other instances within the recording. You can then eliminate them individually or as a group using the appropriate Retouch tool. The increase in productivity is absolutely remarkable. In addition to this, the AI in the new Repair tool can identify, suppress, or reveal sounds while leaving the background in a marked region untouched. Unlike other spectral editing tools, only the significant signal within the region is processed; all low level signals as well as the ambience are left unaffected.

The latest additions include:

  • Retouch 8
  • Auto declick
  • Auto decrackle
  • Auto dehiss
  • Manual declick
  • Dethump


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