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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Clear-Com Revolutionises Comms for Singapore’s Chingay Parade

Clear-Com, the provider of real-time communications solutions, has reported the successful implementation of its HelixNet digital network partyline intercom system integrated with the Arcadia system at Singapore’s Chingay Parade 2024.

The Chingay Parade is an annual street parade held in Malaysia and Singapore as part of Chinese New Year festivities. This year’s celebration was facilitated by Electronics & Engineering Pte Ltd (E&E), one of Singapore’s most reputable rental companies, who showcased the audio quality, ease of use, and integration capabilities of HelixNet, supplying the Clear-Com sets and assistance with the setup process.

The Chingay Parade is an annual parade held in Singapore and is renowned for its colourful and elaborate performances, spans several hundred metres and requires a robust communication system to coordinate the myriad of participants and activities. Being responsible for the event’s production, E&E faced significant challenges in achieving a flexible and efficient intercom solution that could seamlessly integrate with their IP infrastructure.

E&E needed an intercom system that was not only easy to set up with our IP infrastructure but also capable of handling extensive communication needs across the vast parade area. The HelixNet system exceeded their expectations by providing access to up to 24 partyline channels over a single Ethernet cable. This setup was both cost-effective and significantly reduced the need for extensive cabling.

Feedback from the team has been overwhelmingly positive. They are thrilled with the HelixNet system. The high audio quality of the intercoms ensures clear and crisp communication, which is crucial for their operations. The ease of use is outstanding – being able to select intercom channels directly from their belt packs and desktop panels has streamlined our workflow significantly. Additionally, having all intercom channels accessible through a single Ethernet cable simplifies their setup and reduces clutter.

A key feature that stood out during the Chingay Parade was HelixNet’s ability to integrate walkie-talkies into the system seamlessly. This integration enhanced the overall communication capabilities, ensuring that every team member, regardless of their device, could connect effortlessly. Integrating their walkie-talkies into the HelixNet system was seamless, and further enhanced their communication capabilities.

The implementation of the HelixNet system at the Chingay Parade 2024 has demonstrated Clear-Com’s ability to deliver innovative and reliable communication solutions. The system not only met but surpassed the demanding requirements of this large-scale event, enhancing the efficiency and reliability of the production team’s communication.


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