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Monday, July 22, 2024

Cloud-Based Radio Production Studio

On-Hertz, virtual audio specialist for the broadcast and media industries, has unveiled Nubo, an all-in-one cloud-based radio production studio available as a service.

Designed to simplify a media house’s workflow while boosting productivity, cloud-native Nubo brings a fully integrated live radio studio to the fingertips of broadcasters no matter where they’re located. With just a web browser and a mic, users can sign in and be on-air in minutes from anywhere and at any time.

Suitable for both large and small organizations, Nubo is easily scalable thanks to its Docker-based architecture. The system offers reliable and secure connections and frees operators from unsecured, hard-to-expand remote desktop connections.

Nubo integrates with existing workflows and is compatible with most automation software on the market. The unique solution packages all aspects of a radio studio – not only contribution – into an easily accessible service available via subscription. With on-board AoIP capabilities and interconnections with systems like Dalet and Netia, users can import playlists directly into Nubo.

With advanced features such as low latency contribution and monitoring, playout, mixing – including automixing, N-Minus, talkback – and processing such as parametric EQs and dynamics, the easy-to-use SaaS suite manages up to six WebRTC contributors accessible from uniquely generated URL links, one VoIP Phone (SIP), one AoIP transmission codec (SIP/Opus) and up to 10 separate WebRTC monitoring/talkback feeds (for technicians and producers, etc.). In addition, all web contribution channels benefit from the same top-notch processing as well as a dedicated N-1 bus, even for contributions from smartphones or tablets.

Moreover, thanks to Nubo’s comprehensive yet intuitive interface, any staffer – from a presenter to a technician or from a producer to a contributor – can easily operate the studio according to their requirements. This, combined with the fact that users can take control simultaneously from anywhere on the planet, guarantees stations never miss a beat in providing their audiences with the most enticing and up-to-the minute content.

On-Hertz Co-Founder and CEO Benjamin Lardinoit describes Nubo as an all-in-one ubiquitous service.

“It’s a complete virtual studio in the cloud not only from the perspective of contribution but all around,” he says. “It responds perfectly to our current scenario and the need to work remotely from home, not only for presenters and journalists but also for technical teams. It provides a future-proof solution as the broadcasting industry continues to migrate toward decentralized operations, while maintaining quality.”


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