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Comica Audio Launches Smallest Four Channel Pro Wireless Microphone

Comica Audio recently launched the Comica Audio BoomX-U QUA, the smallest four-channel multi-function wireless microphone for broadcast level audio at an affordable price. The BoomX-U QUA utilises UHF Technology for more stable transmission and a longer working distance with a long lasting battery. Compared with other four-channel wireless microphones on the market, the BoomX-U QUA is the most compact and easiest to carry with professional smooth high quality audio; and unlike traditional antenna-designed mics, the BoomX-U QUA dual antenna can be folded 180° for compact travel, with four transmitters and internal and external microphones with two input modes.

The BoomX-U QUA provides a super long transmission distance of 120 meters (394 feet) for professional long distance shooting and a long 6.5 hour battery life with the ability to charge while in use for seamless use. The BoomX-U QUA allows the user to mix up to four audio tracks or use individual output; and supports multi-receiver monitoring for movies, commercials and advertising videos, multi-person interviews, short videos, podcasts, presentations, church and wedding services, vlogs, social media posts, live video conferencing, and YouTube live streams.

24 Selectable UHF Channels for Smooth Audio with No Interference – Monitor Audio Status While Recording

The BOOMX-U QUA includes four transmitters, so up to four people can be recorded simultaneously. Each transmitter has four channels, with 24 selectable UHF channel available, so that if channels are being used nearby, the user can quickly switch to another channel to prevent interference for smooth audio. The UHF Ultra High-Frequency radio wave technology and dual-antenna design ensures stable signal transmission and clear sound recording. The mic provides real-time audio monitoring to connect headphones to the receiver’s 3.5mm headphone jack and listen to the sound to monitor audio status while recording.

Widely Compatible

A professional-grade four channel multi-function mini UHF wireless microphone, the ‘QUA’ in BoomX-U QUA is an abbreviation of ‘quarter’, named for its four channel capability. It is designed for reporters, videographers, directors, and other professionals; and is widely compatible withDSLR cameras, camcorders, recorders, iPhones and Android smartphones, laptops, and PCs. The BoomX-U QUA includes four transmitters, one receiver, four lavalier mics, four wind muffs, TRS-TRS cable, TRS-XLR cable, 3-in-1 charge cable, belt clip, cold shoe mount, and carrying case.

BoomX-U QUA Features:

  • Four channel broadcast level UHF wireless microphone: with four transmitters and one receiver, working simultaneously for perfect sound quality.
  • 24 UHF channels: for no interference.
  • Multi-receiver monitoring and shooting.
  • One transmitter to multi-receiver: eliminates the need to synchronise audio tracks during recording and supports multi-person monitoring.
  • Multi-transmitters to one receiver: four sound sources can be recorded at the same time.
  • 180° foldable dual antenna.
  • Super-long transmission distance: 120m transmission distance for professional use.
  • Four audio track mixing and individual output: multiple outputs, perfect for post-production.
  • Charging while in use: battery life is 6.5 hours for long recording times with charging while-in-use for simplified workflow.
  • Internal and external input modes.
  • Auto-scanning: automatically select the best channel for ‘multi-transmitter to one receiver’ use.
  • Manual channel-setting: manually select the channel for ‘one transmitter to multi-receiver’ or ‘multi-transmitter to multi-receiver’ use.
  • LCF: one-button filters out low-frequency sounds.
  • 16-level adjusted gain control and muting functions.
  • LCD screen for intuitive power and audio monitor.
  • Audio dynamic bar monitor: monitors microphone power in real time to show status of stable recording.
  • Lavalier mic: four lavalier mics are included with solid anti-loose design.
  • Multi-functional belt clip.


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