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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

d&b Enhances Soundscape Interoperability with Third-Party Systems

d&b audiotechnik has announced the launch of En-Bridge, a new software tool for the Soundscape ecosystem. With this new software, d&b streamlines the interoperability between the DS100 signal engine and leading third-party systems.

En-Bridge is a standalone software available for Windows and MacOS that provides OSC bridging and third-party protocol translation for remote control of Soundscape parameters on the DS100 signal engine. It allows BlackTrax tracking systems to be used for automatic object positioning on a Soundscape system, including their latest BT-1 system, by translating the BlackTrax RTTrPM protocol into DS100 OSC commands and providing additional mapping functionality.

For greater efficiency, En-Bridge also delivers a more consistent workflow for Soundscape console control with DiGiCo and SSL consoles, including support for bi-directional communication. This OSC bridging functionality can also be used for generic OSC controllers, allowing any connected controllers to communicate with two DS100s – allowing third-party integration and remote control to be used in redundant DS100 setups for Soundscape.

The En-Bridge software provides users with an intuitive, streamlined interface for establishing third-party interoperability for their Soundscape application, including communication monitoring, which allows users to monitor incoming data from third-party devices for troubleshooting purposes.

“Interoperability between systems is vital to the design and creation of an immersive experience,” says Al McKinna, Vice President Immersive, d&b. “With En-Bridge, d&b is adding another flexible and intuitive software tool to the Soundscape ecosystem, extending the functionality of the DS100 and making it very easy to integrate third-party systems and support multiple device setups for redundancy.

“Soundscape users will appreciate the ability to have multiple applications within one software tool – and within a consistent user interface, perfect for use in collaborative production workflows with distributed tasks and changing responsibilities,” adds Christian Ahrens, R&D Application Software Development, d&b audiotechnik. “With these advanced OSC communication and bridging options for third-party devices, we are taking the Soundscape interoperability concept to the next level and making life much easier for our users.”

En-Bridge is available as a free download from

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