Thursday, May 23, 2024

Digigram Launches IQOYA CONNECT for Remote Broadcasting

Digigram has released its newest addition to the ONE IP audio solution: IQOYA CONNECT, the cloud-based service and platform that provides a flawless, secure, reliable and intuitive connection for both technicians and journalists, each operating at one end of the broadcasting chain.

“Because we have extensive experience in the Broadcast industry, we have observed that achieving a seamless remote show is often complex, as it requires both a technician and a journalist to set codecs parameters. Sometimes this happens just minutes before going live,” says Xavier Allanic, Digigram’s VP Sales.

On the journalist’s end (pictured above), IQOYA CONNECT features a unified web platform where the user’s custom profiles and audio settings are saved, offering unmatched autonomy and flexibility in live situations whatever the device used. Through a two-step process (log on to the platform, press the “live” button), media professionals can immediately go live. IQOYA CONNECT overcomes technical issues journalists might face while attending live shows, working on street interviews or performing sport commentaries.

On the technician’s end (pictured below), IQOYA CONNECT has a global monitoring interface that enables real-time monitoring of the codec fleet on one screen, whether from the studio or from remote locations, as well as direct access to devices on the field if required. Programming portable codecs, or providing live support to journalists is more flexible and effective than ever.

“When designing IQOYA CONNECT, our goal was to simplify the audio professionals’ daily experience while offering more flexibility, security and efficiency. This new service is a natural addition to the IQOYA product range, and it makes the traditional remote broadcasting obstacles ancient history” says Allanic.

As part of Digigram’s ONE IP audio solution, IQOYA CONNECT provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for broadcasters without compromising the audio quality, which has always been at the heart of Digigram’s expertise. Consisting of a whole range of IP codecs – rack-mountable, portable and mobile – a suite of web-based applications, connection services and accessories, the solution is complete, interoperable and complementary.


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