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Monday, June 17, 2024

Dolby Introduces Media and Interactivity Platform for Developers

Dolby Laboratories has announced, an API platform that further broadens the opportunities to create in Dolby for the enterprise and application development space. will enable businesses, developers, and content creators to enhance every interaction and every piece of content in order to deliver spectacular communications, collaboration, and audiovisual experiences in their apps and services.

Traditionally, businesses and developers outside of the music and entertainment industries often lacked the resources and experience to integrate Dolby’s technologies. changes that through a collection of scalable, easy-to-use interactivity and media processing APIs.

“Media not only shapes and defines our experiences, it keeps us connected to each other,” said Aaron Liao, Vice President, Developer Relations, Dolby. “With, developers can now take the magic Dolby has instilled into billions of devices, thousands of films, billions of conference call minutes, and use it to fuel nearly any real-time interaction or piece of content – all at an accessible and transparent cost, designed to inspire iteration and creativity. The future of experiential media never looked or sounded better.”

The initially available APIs can analyse and enhance the quality of media content or enable multi-party audio and video communications to be embedded within an app. will also enable developers to bring Dolby experiences to new industries such as healthcare, distance learning, digital collaboration, online training, podcasting, and social media.

The core offerings of include:

Interactivity APIs

Keeping people connected effectively, from bridging geographies to working remotely in distributed systems, has never been more critical. Businesses and developers building communications and collaboration into their apps want control over quality and engagement that third-party services often cannot provide. brings all of Dolby’s experience and specialisation in delivering immersive, engaging interactivity and communication to the world of developers without them having to be experts in the underlying technologies.

With’s new interactivity APIs, developers can build everything people need to communicate, collaborate, and succeed with powerful tools that map to existing workflows and ensure users are seamlessly engaged, in-app, and in-flow throughout the experience. Powerful cross-platform capabilities such as Spatial Audio, advanced noise reduction, HD Video, broadcasting and screen-sharing can combine to make distance learning, telehealth visits, training sessions and other live events feel lifelike and familiar, no matter the physical distance separating participants.

Media Processing APIs

Today, media is more crucial than ever to the success of businesses, and the proliferation of easily accessible, premium entertainment has dramatically increased consumer expectations for any type of audio or video content. Before today, high quality sound required dedicated resources and potentially entire teams to deliver professional, consistent results that keep pace with customer demand. With, developers and businesses can now analyse and enhance all their media cost-effectively and at scale. These new and powerful media processing APIs can reduce background noise and improve dialog levels to increase intelligibility and engagement, in addition to providing quality metrics, audio analytics, and deeper content insights that help any developer, any industry, any size company effectively upgrade and manage media content, at scale. features a free trial for new users that includes 30,000 interactivity minutes and 200 media processing minutes. Beyond the free trial, interactivity APIs will cost USD$0.0045 per participant, per minute, and media processing APIs will cost $0.05 per minute.


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