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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Electro-Voice Launches Powered Floor Monitor – PXM-12MP

The PXM-12MP marks Electro-Voice’s debut in the powered stage monitor market. Created for live performances from solo entertainers, bands, mobile DJs and rental companies, PXM-12MP is a powerful, rugged and flexible loudspeaker designed for daily use. The acoustically optimised, high-output, two-way stage wedge features coaxially aligned 12-inch LF and 1.75-inch HF transducers. Its small footprint and light weight of 13.5kg makes it an extremely portable solution suited to live performances on all stages, particularly excelling where floor space is limited.

Thanks to the solid, consistent coverage, the monitor mix can be heard clearly without restricting performers to a limited part of the stage. The acoustically optimized 55° monitor floor angle enables an artist to stand as close or as far away from the system as necessary without sacrificing audio intelligibility. The wide 90° horizontal angle also gives performers the freedom to move across the stage, rather than being constrained to just a small area.

While the PXM-12MP compliments any sound system which would benefit from the addition of a dedicated monitor, it also expands EV’s portable speaker portfolio. PXM-12MP shows great flexibility when it comes to additional use due to its 90° x 90° coverage pattern. It equally performs well as a fill, delay, or mounted on a pole working as a sound system for short-throw applications; subwoofers can also be connected whenever extra bass is needed. The PXM-12MP comes with several x-over settings, including settings for ELX200 and EKX subwoofers.

The built-in two-channel Class-D 700 W amplifier – developed in collaboration with the world-class audio electronics engineering team at EV’s sibling brand Dynacord – provides power, precision sound and enough headroom to satisfy the most demanding monitoring requirements, reaching a maximum sound pressure level of 129dB.

EV’s intuitive QuickSmart DSP features a backlit LCD panel and a push-button encoder, providing best-in-class signal processing with sophisticated IIR/FIR settings for optimised audio performance. The integrated digital three-band EQ features different factory presets for various application modes, as well as five individual user presets. A special high-Q notch filter can eliminate troublesome feedback frequencies. The delay function with 0.1 m increments provides precise adjustment when used as a delay speaker. The GUITARCAB setting allows to connect a guitar directly to the PXM-12MP via a DI box.

The recessed connection panel is located on the side of the speaker, ensuring it is well protected and also easily accessible when used on a pole. It features two XLR/TRS combo mic/line inputs, an individual phantom power option, a stereo RCA AUX input for playback music sources, and an XLR THRU input when used as part of a distributed sound system. An XLR MIXOUT output allows the cabinet to act as a basic three-channel mixer that can send the mix to another loudspeaker. PXM12-MP’s integrated cable management reduces stage clutter and prevents tripping over cables; clean cable routing and strain relieve is guaranteed when used on a tripod or pole.

The PXM-12MP stage monitor is housed in a durable, 15mm plywood enclosure with rugged EV-Coat and is furnished with a robust powder-coated steel grille to guarantee roadworthiness for everyday use.


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