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Fauna Audio Glasses Reach 7 Figure Revenue With USound

Fauna, the designer audio glasses that provide natural, immersive sound experiences using MEMS audio technology, announces seven figure revenue in the first sales year. Its sales continue to grow rapidly following its entrance into the U.S consumer market in March 2021.

Fauna is leading the new wave of smart glasses that allow hand-free and open ear video and telephone calls and audio streaming. This past holiday season alone, consumers drove double-digit sales on and Fauna’s Amazon store.

Fauna is a subsidiary of USound, a global developer and manufacturer of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) loudspeakers for personal devices and wearable technology. Fauna audio glasses currently come in four models made of Italian acetate. Additionally, the standard lenses (blue light filters or sun lenses) that come with the glasses can be exchanged for prescription lenses.

“Fauna’s designs set it apart from other audio glasses on the market. Consumers want more than the tech in a wearable; they want to express themselves through fashion, and Fauna enables them to do that. We’ve found Fauna has performed remarkably well for professionals. Fauna eyewear is the perfect solution for long video/telephone calls preventing sight and hearing fatigue,” said Ferruccio Bottoni, CEO at USound.

USound MEMS loudspeakers enable the innovation of more ergonomic wearables and hearables, contributing to the miniaturisation of the audio module of hearables, smart eyewear, and VR glasses.

For open-ear wearables, such as Fauna, USound designed and patented a dipole configuration to ensure user privacy. This patented two-way audio concept, which combines a MEMS tweeter with an electrodynamic woofer, reduces audio leakage and the size of the audio module considerably, maximises freedom in the temple’s design, reduces power consumption, and produces higher sound quality.

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