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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Ferncast Unveils Mini Category – 7 Compact Boxes for Maxi Live Audio

ust launched the ACS Mini products which are the most optimal combination of small size and power available, as they are the handy, small size, low power consumption choice among Audio Codec Servers powered by aixtream COMPACT software. It is small enough to be easily transported but still allows up to 10 mono, stereo or multichannel programs. While the Mini itself does not come equipped with any classical audio interfaces, it still supports I/O besides AES67 and Ravenna via third-party USB audio interfaces. Six USB ports ensure the operator can connect all audio interfaces and peripherals they require. This makes it fully customisable to the customer’s requirements. Users will also benefit from the modern and intuitive aixtream user interface.

These 7 new compact boxes are now available, designed for 7 fields of application: OTT online streaming, SIP communication, Studio Transmitter Links, Audio on Demand, DVB multiplexing, Loudness control, Transcoding.


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