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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Future of Audio Monitors Here

The Marshall AR-DM61-BT-64DT Multichannel Digital Audio Monitor provides versatile audio analysis, and professional QC monitoring of analog, digital, and networked audio sources. The AR-DM61-BT-64DT’s slim 1RU design includes powerful stereo speakers, an intuitive touchscreen interface, and multiple convenient display modes.

The only audio monitor that is equally at home with your existing formats (SDI, AES, Analog, Dolby, and MADI) and modern networked digital formats, including Dante networked audio. Additionally, the AR-DM61-BT-64DT includes a built-in web server for saved channel mixes, system settings, and updates.

Visualise your entire network (64-channel simultaneous display) or zoom in on any pair to examine with 96-step precision bars with a simple touch of the display.

Stereo speakers deliver enough sonic punch for the noisiest server rooms, with simple push-to-mute control.

Features include:

  • 10-inch LCD Intuitive Touchscreen Panel displays up to 64 channels vertical or switch to 96-step high precision horizontal bars.
  • Special LKFS bars provides weighted display for group of channels.
  • Built-in live video preview monitor.
  • Accepts multiple signal input types.
  • High-powered stereo speakers (up to 100dB output)
  • Dedicated push-to-mute button.
  • Slim 1RU Design.
  • Built-in web server makes it convenient to setup and customise.
  • Software upgradeable ‘Future-proof’ platform.


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