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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Halter Technical Introduces the New Scene Monitor

Halter Technical LLC, the Los Angeles-based manufacturer of audio monitoring solutions for the broadcast and video production industry, is excited to introduce the new, second generation Scene Monitor headphone.

The original Scene Monitor headphone (HTSM1) has become the top choice for monitoring dialogue on production sets. It has appeared everywhere from the largest blockbuster movies, to network television, to indie videos, and everything in between. One look at the Halter Technical website will show just a smattering of some of the success that the Scene Monitor has contributed to on these productions.

The new Scene Monitor (HTSM2) retains everything that made the original a runaway winner in its class. It preserves the slim profile that is comfortable enough for producers, directors, script supervisors, loggers, and editors to wear for an entire workday without fatigue. The single-sided cable is built to the perfect length. The speakers swivel flat for easy storage in a pouch or drawer. It is still compatible with all radios and listening devices with a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack.

Now, the new Scene Monitor (HTSM2) has been enhanced with the aid of thoughtful customer feedback, and the improvements are plentiful. The headband is now reinforced throughout to provide long-lasting durability. The cable is dual-shielded to prevent breakage. The upgraded earpads provide everybody on set with a luxury feel. Even the stereo drivers are improved to equip all listeners with the fidelity and clarity that production demands.

Previously, working professionals have never had all of these features in a single package. Now, with the new Scene Monitor, these creative pros can do what they do best: produce meaningful quality content without distraction. The new Halter Technical Scene Monitor accomplishes all of this and more. Best of all, the Scene Monitor is available at an affordable price for purchase on a per show or project basis.

Customers may purchase a single Scene Monitor (HTSM2) or in a pack of 10 (HTSM2-PACK). These options offer a convenient and cost effective way to outfit an individual, or a show or facility with the perfect work headphone solution. The HTSM2 individual Scene Monitor and HTSM2-PACK Scene Monitor 10-Pack are now available to order from all of Halter Technical’s retail partners.


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