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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Halter Technical Unveils Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System

Halter Technical, the Los Angeles-based creator of headphones and headsets built for the broadcast and video production industry, has announced the all-new Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System. The system represents a monumental shift in incognito listening, affording users flexibility and control never before seen in miniature wireless in-ear monitoring.

It all starts with the Microsone, the smallest rechargeable bluetooth earbud ever made. Designed for discreet listening, Microsone is designed as one singular, solid earpiece with no dials, buttons, lights, external antennas or anything sticking out of it. It has an internal rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for disposable, unreliable hearing aid batteries. With the included charging case and its OLED display, users will have reliable battery read outs for each Microsone. Each Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System comes complete with two Microsone earbuds, and is available in both light and dark skin tones.

To harness the power of the Microsone, is the Microsone Control Pack. The ultimate transceiver, the Control Pack is capable of receiving the analog audio signal and retransmitting the signal via bluetooth to the Microsone. It is compatible with all analog audio transmitters, regardless of brand, eliminating the need for expensive, proprietary solutions. It grants the user unprecedented remote control of their Microsone, including volume control. The Control Pack is powered by two AA batteries, which can even be recharged internally using the USB type C port. The colour OLED display indicates all necessary information to work and troubleshoot on the fly in the field, where time is of the essence. It also includes a top-seated headphone jack for wired IFB use.

Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System will be sold complete with two Microsones, the Charging Case, Microsone Control Pack, and a USB wall charger and cable for $1200 retail price in Q4, 2022. It is being launched with an Indiegogo pre-order campaign beginning on May 24th, 2022. Early buyers will have the opportunity to purchase the System for as low as $800 each.

“The introduction of the Microsone Discreet Audio Monitoring System is truly a special moment for both us and our customers – it is the fruit of years of research and development, and is the culmination of our experience on set without a compelling solution for imperceptible in-ear monitoring. Being able to offer Pros an unrivaled set of features and compatibility at this price was a goal of ours from the outset, and is a huge win for the entire industry,” said Doc Justice, CEO of Halter Technical.


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