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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Harrison and Plugivery Unveil AVA Bass Flow Plugin

Harrison Consoles and Plugivery Distribution have announced the availability of Harrison Consoles’ new AAX/AU/VST/VST3 compatible plug-in, AVA Bass Flow.

AVA Bass Flow is a channel strip plug-in designed for mixing bass. It contains four routable processing elements and a master section with input, output, and routing controls.

The elements included are :

  • Bass Character, a unique EQ that follows the pitch of the note being played, allowing users to boost or cut the harmonics within each note and thus alter the actual character of the bass sound.
  • Spectral Bass Compressor, a multiband compressor designed especially for bass. It allows for applying compression selectively across six frequency bands focused in the lower end of the spectrum where bass notes mainly reside.
  • An Equalizer module which consists of a 5-band EQ with two additional filter bands, an Output Trim control, and an optional RTA display. Each band has adjustable Frequency, Gain, Shape, and Q parameters as well as the option to toggle in or out. Users can control the bands directly on the EQ Graph or with their corresponding controls below the graph.
  • Chorus, an effect that can be used to boost overall presence and add extra motion to the bass signal. It has Detune and Delay controls for dialing in the effect and a Mix control for blending it with the dry signal. The Chorus effect adds two pitch-shifted voices: one above and one below the input signal.
  • A Master Control section at the bottom-right corner of the plug-in window contains controls for switching input polarity, adjusting input & output trim, and setting the order of routing between elements.

Users can change the routing order by clicking and dragging a routing item to a new position. Arrows show the direction of signal flow from top to bottom.

The “ear” icon buttons to the right of the routing items indicate Router Listen points. These buttons allow you to listen at specific positions along the signal chain by automatically bypassing all modules past the selected point in the routing order.

The Solo/Listen Clear button at the bottom of the Master Control section clears any active Routing Listen point as well as any modules that are soloed. It will light up to indicate whenever either of these are currently active.

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