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Sunday, July 14, 2024

ICE Cable Systems partners with Amber Technology

Cable manufacturer ICE Cable Systems has partnered with ANZ distributor Amber Technology to distribute a selection of its speaker, network and microphone cables in Australia and New Zealand.

A specialist in cost effective, premium low-voltage wire and cable products, ICE Cable Systems products are ideal for residential and commercial audio visual (AV), alarm and security, electrical contracting, and data centre applications.

ICE has engineered time- and labour-saving innovations into every aspect of its cables, from the way they’re constructed to the markings printed on the outer jacket. These innovations include:

  • Oxygen-free copper (OFC): to ensure premium sound quality for installed systems. Higher purity copper means better low-level signal transmission and great sound.
  • EZ Strip Tissue: ICE cables are constructed with a thin layer of tissue around the conductors and under the jacket. When the jacket is scored, it slides off easily making stripping speaker cables faster.
  • Round jackets: to avoid snags when pulling cables.
  • iLabel Print Legend: pre-mark the location and application information with a marker pen.
  • Ascending/descending foot markers: printed every two feet, this shows how much cable has been used and how much is left before pulling the cable. This reduces waste and helps make use of all the cable in each box and spool.
  • Rip cord: to make the cables as easy to strip as possible.
  • Wet Slick Jackets: a special PVC compound gives the cable a shiny look and slick feel, resulting in less friction, easier pulls, and more flexibility than a regular, chalky PVC jacket.
  • Direct burial ratings: ICE 12, 14 and 16 gauge FX Series speaker cables are direct burial to accommodate indoor/outdoor applications, and reduce stock requirements.

ICE Cable Systems is also well known for its box design and technology. Combining the big mouth payout (BMP) box with Reelex Coiling technology, ICE delivers the best pulling experience available to installers. Designed with a large four-inch payout hole, the box is constructed using 24kg burst-test cardboard, and reinforced handles, and is water resistant.

The Reelex II coils avoid twists, kinks, knots and tangles to deliver a fluid and smooth payout for a hassle-free and time-efficient installation.

ICE Cable Systems speaker cables available from Amber Technology include:

  • PRIMAL: an affordable cable solution for integrators.
  • FX: premium direct burial cable for high-end hi-fi installations.
  • Wet (waterproof): four-core wet cable (available on a wooden spool only).

Network cables include: CAT5e and CAT6 HDBaseT certified, high performance 4K cables, available in three colours.

Mic cables include: two-core general purpose cable for wall and ceiling installations.


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