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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Latest KLANG Software – Feature Updates and Offline Editor

KLANG’s latest software version 5.3 introduces a flexible offline editor and simulator. This enables users to prepare a show remotely without requiring access to KLANG processor hardware. Built into the KLANG:app, the offline editor emulates any existing KLANG processor from the smallest :vier to the flagship :konductor including network communication for DiGiCo SD and Quantum console integration, as well as to connect other KLANG:apps or the personal mixer :kontroller on a local network.

The Offline Editor also offers full compatibility with DiGiCo consoles’ offline editor, making it possible to set up the console remotely without having a console and KLANG processor on hand.

“Imagine you are sitting on a tour bus to the next gig and you need to make quick changes. Now, you just need your laptop to open an existing show file, adapt it for a different KLANG processor, or changes in the band or equipment available. With just the press of a button you can preview the mix settings with KLANG:app’s built-in :kontroller emulator,” says KLANG’s CEO Dr. Roman Scharrer.

KOS 5.3 also offers greatly improved Remote Management, adding an extra layer of security to the KLANG system. Administrators are now able to fully restrict access to the system with password protection, and help musicians to connect and configure their :apps remotely. In addition, musicians can be locked to their mix to prevent them from changing another mix.

This goes hand in hand with the possibility to hide and protect certain channels, e.g., a talkback channel, that should be audible in the musician’s mix, but only be controlled by an engineer. Hiding channels also helps to maintain a super clean channel list for all musicians, for example when working with the tactile :kontroller interface.

When managing a monitoring system with many devices and users, it is crucial to find and access devices quickly. A new feature allows you to sort and search through all KLANG devices found on the network and indicates which devices need attention.

With KOS 5.3, the workflow to collect Logs has also been greatly improved. The KLANG:app now collects all Logs of all devices, and even other :apps on the network, to get a detailed overview of the system with just one push of a button.

Released in 2021, :konductor is KLANG’s flagship product with 128 input channels and 16 mixes, with flexible IO via DiGiCo DMI expansion cards. Now it supports the 16 channel analogue line-level output card DMI-DAC to directly connect analogue wireless IEM transmitters, amongst others. As a powerful and lightweight immersive IEM processor, DMI-KLANG can be connected to consoles with a DMI Slot as well as an Orange Box. With the recent update, DMI-KLANG can also be cascaded with other processors to offer a simplified workflow for more immersive mixes.

Scharrer concludes, “The second generation of KLANG processors fits the high standards of modern touring productions. With the next software upgrade KOS 5.3, we deliver many additional tools to improve the workflows even more and be best prepared for all kinds of setups.”

The new software version 5.3 is now available for download for all existing KLANG processors, :kontrollers, and :apps.


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