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Marantz Marks 70 Years of Sound

Industry-leading audio brand Marantz has announced a campaign celebrating 70 years since founder Saul Marantz started the company in New York City. Inspired by his love of music and an uncompromising attention to detail and quality, today’s Marantz hi-fi audio and home theatre products elevate the listening experience with the latest advances in fidelity, design, artisanship, and quality. The 70th anniversary campaign has launched at

In the decades since its beginnings, the spirit of Marantz has transcended time and geography, becoming an iconic brand revered by audiophiles and desired by legions. The brand’s storied history includes appearances on the big screen, with Marantz products featured in quintessential films, and a role in the journey of men to the moon, with NASA using the Marantz classic Model 9 power amplifier in the Apollo Space Program due to the reliability and stability of its power.

The Pursuit

At the heart of the 70th anniversary campaign is a brand film titled The Pursuit that celebrates this legacy by taking viewers on a journey from 1953, when Saul Marantz created his first unique Audio Consolette, through the fast-paced and modern innovations that have led to the current era. This pursuit of the most musical sound never loses sight of his original vision – to bring the listeners as close as possible to an artist’s work. Filmed in Tokyo and featuring arresting visuals, the vibrant and dynamic creative transports viewers through Marantz’s 70-year pursuit of perfection by highlighting the two iconic cities that are core to the brand, born in New York and crafted in Japan.

“Marantz is a revered brand built on inspired innovation and exceptional quality, and seven decades of this rich history are embodied in everything we’ve planned for the 70th anniversary,” said Joel Sietsema, Marantz brand president. “With this campaign and experience we’ve created in our birthplace for brand loyalists and new visitors alike, we are honouring the past, present and future of Saul Marantz’s legacy as we continue the brand’s story and develop new eras of innovations.”

70th Anniversary Celebration

To celebrate the campaign launch and this remarkable milestone, Marantz is hosting a three-day global celebration in New York City from 10-12 July that showcases the brand’s heritage, artisanship, and audio high performance. The event will have over 7,000 square feet of activations, including a listening experience demonstrating the incomparable quality of Marantz hi-fi audio and home theatre systems, a curated museum tour that walks guests through the brand’s unique evolution, and a massive film wall showcasing the brand film that honours the 70-year history.

An exciting mix of well-known friends of Marantz, including world-renowned composer Max Richter, will participate throughout the three-day NY event. Guests will also be able to enjoy a glass of wine through a master sommelier curated list, sip on an exquisite espresso, or enjoy a one-of-a-kind coffee blend roasted to celebrate the brand’s 70-year milestone.

In support of the global campaign, Marantz and partners will showcase the epitome of Marantz sound experiences. Included is a limited-time Marantz owners trade-in program that will span a period of 70 days to symbolize and honour the 70-year brand history. This program will offer brand loyalists an opportunity to recycle Marantz products and receive credit towards the select purchase of the latest offerings.


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