Sunday, May 26, 2024

Media Realm Releases MetaRadio 2.0

Media Realm has announced the release of MetaRadio 2.0. With MetaRadio 2.0, radio broadcasters can send live Now Playing data to a variety of platforms, including RDS RadioText+ Encoders, Digital Radio, WordPress, Streaming Servers, Websites, Mobile Apps, and more.

MetaRadio connects to over 30 different radio automation systems, and over 39 different output systems. MetaRadio also supports receiving data from unique sources, such as audio fingerprinting providers, and syndication providers – this allows stations to continue providing metadata to listeners, even when you don’t have the data available in your local automation system.

MetaRadio 2.0 contains a number of major new features, including:

  • New web-based configuration app, including a significantly enhanced setup experience, and easier ways to view, manage, and use your metadata.
  • Ability to merge metadata between multiple systems – for example, taking an external programme guide feed and sending it to RDS alongside your Now Playing song data, or merging Satellite now playing data during select hours, and local automation system data during other hours.
  • System scheduling, allowing you to enable/disable inputs at set times during the week.
  • New options to include sponsor/advertiser/promotional messages in between song messages.

MetaRadio is developed by Media Realm, a small software development company based in Sydney, Australia, with a focus on the radio industry. Media Realm first released MetaRadio in 2016, and since then it has been used by hundreds of radio broadcasters worldwide. Media Realm also provides powerful Radio Websites to stations, including 45 Community Radio Stations in Australia in partnership with CBAA.

“We are excited to introduce MetaRadio 2.0 to the broadcasting community,” said Anthony Eden, Managing Director of Media Realm. “This release is a significant upgrade, and positions our technology as a leading solution for radio station metadata management. The feedback from our early adopters has been amazing, and I look forward to continuing to work with broadcasters as they adopt this product for their stations.”

“I have had the privilege of working with broadcasters of all sizes – from the smallest narrowcasters and community stations, through to large commercial networks. Their feedback has really driven the development of MetaRadio. I look forward to continuing to develop our products and add new and innovative features.”

MetaRadio 2.0 is a free upgrade for all existing licensees. Stations can also take advantage of a free trial to see for themselves how MetaRadio can work for them.


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