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Monday, July 22, 2024

Merging Technologies Launches Atmos Bundle

Merging Technologies has announced the launch of the Merging Technologies Atmos Bundle, offering monitoring and calibration facilities in a compact footprint.

Sold for the first time as a complete hardware and software solution package, the bundle offers an efficient Dolby Atmos solution across a variety of applications. The bundle includes a Hapi MkII interface with DA8 cards, Anubis Pro SPS and Sonarworks SoundID Reference for multichannel including microphone, providing the fastest route to calibrate a room for Dolby Atmos.

SoundID Reference guides the user through an automated measurement to identify room issues and build various correction profiles for different workflows. The corrections are then exported to run inside Anubis for the lowest latency, consistency and convenience.

For acousticians or Dolby consultants calibrating systems manually, Anubis provides trims, delays and 336 EQs – enough for the most challenging room!

Above all, Anubis is a comprehensive monitoring engine. With 128 inputs, it can handle sources, stems, speaker sets and cues in a huge variety of formats with full control. Whether mixing with the mouse or with faders, Anubis compact size makes it fit nicely along any controller.

Anubis provides direct monitoring control and feedback where they are needed most.

With two mastering-grade headphones outputs, Anubis can feed individual cue mixes, perfect when monitoring Atmos binaural mixes with a client or feeding a low-latency cue mix to an actor for ADR or a musician for tracking. The Hapi MKII headphones output extends this same functionality.

The Merging Atmos bundle is in fact a complete system including Merging Technologies acclaimed Mic Pres and converters, as well as a talkback mic and circuits.

The bundle also showcases Merging VAD which can be used to build mac based Dolby Atmos renderers for the most powerful and simple setups: atmos metadata and audio can use the same network.VAD also provides an extremely compact and simple solution for connecting the DAW to the renderer and monitoring system.

“Our VAD AES67 driver was officially qualified by Dolby in March 2023, and a Mac mini can serve as the most affordable and straightforward Dolby Atmos renderer on the market,” explains Rune Jacobsen, Merging’s International Sales Manager. “Through our partnership with Sonarworks, we can now deliver the fastest means to calibrate a room.”

Merging’s Hapi MkII can be added to provide additional I/Os such as MADI, AES, analogue, or even digilink for connectivity to Avid HDX systems at a competitive price.

The Merging Technologies Dolby Atmos bundle delivers exceptional performance whilst users enjoy intuitive and reliable control over monitoring. While the bundle is designed to support popular DAWs like Pro Tools and Logic, Merging Technology’s own Pyramix DAW is highly recommended.

The bundle consists of:

  • Anubis PRO SPS.
  • Hapi MK II.
  • 2x DA8 cards.
  • Sonarworks SoundID Reference for Multichannel – Plugin for Anubis.
  • Sonarworks SoundID Reference for Multichannel – Software.
  • Sonarworks measurement microphone.


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