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Monday, June 24, 2024

MIA Laboratories 413 Tape Saturator

413 Tape Saturator offers three different types of analogue tape emulatione, as well as three different types of distortion.

The 413 reproduces the non-linear characteristics that would result when over-driving analog tape, as magnetic saturation occurs with increasing amplitude of the ‘recorded’ signal…

For the saturation process, the signal gets dynamically changed, especially high frequency information, in response to its amplitude. The resulting effect simulates the saturation of analog tape, in a controllable environment which can be adjusted according to your preference.

The user can choose among three different types of analogue tape emulation, each corresponding to the noise and saturation characteristics of three different well known tape brands.

Three distortion types are also available, enabling the user to produce the harmonic content/distortion one would get by over-driving certain Tube or Transistor circuits.


  • Advanced tape saturation algorithm
  • Tube, transistor and soft clipping distortion.
  • Real tape-hiss.
  • ‘IEC on NAB’ playback equalisation mode.

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