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Neutrik Power-over-Ethernet Injector

Neutrik has announced the debut of the NPS-30W PoE injector. The NPS-30W is made for harsh stage conditions and features a lockable powerCON TRUE1 TOP power connector and etherCON network connectors.

Neutrik’s new NPS-30W PoE injector is suitable for use with the company’s NA2-IO-DPRO and NA2-IO-DLINE Dante interfaces and, indeed, any network device that requires a rugged, lockable PoE supply. As a passive power sourcing equipment (PSE) device, the NPS-30W acts like a classic power supply, requiring no power negotiation with attached powered devices. The NPS-30W’s 48 V DC, 30 W power output enables it to provide power simultaneously to, for example, up to four NA2-IO-DPROs in daisy-chain mode. The NPS-30W’s data rate is 1 Gbps. These capabilities make the NPS-30W ideal for various devices such as ambient microphones.

The new NPS-30W PoE injector ships with a rugged rubber cover for throwdown applications. Optional mounting devices allow the NPS-30W to be integrated easily into racks, trusses, and podiums and tables.

Fred Morgenstern, Neutrik USA’s Product Director, commented on the new NPS-30W PoE injector. “With the NPS-30W, Neutrik has delivered a great product for AV usage, with a locking powerCON TRUE1 TOP connector for power and our famous etherCON connectors for the data portion. The passive power sourcing equipment approach means no glitching as power is switched. The form factor—the same one Neutrik uses for NA2-IO-DLINE and NA2-IO-DPRO—is perfect for pretty much any environment, especially considering that it can be truss mounted with the NA-TM-KIT accessory.”

The Neutrik NPS-30W PoE Injector is expected to be available Q3, 2020.

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