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RØDE Announces Podcast Competition Winners

RØDE Microphones has announced the winners of its ‘My RØDE Cast’ podcast competition for 2021.

The podcasters taking home a prize pack loaded with RØDE podcasting gear, including RØDECaster Pros, NT-USB Minis, PodMics and more, are:

MAJOR PRIZE – ‘Future Self’ – A 1 8 Studios (Will Tulin, Eric Reichman). A spine-tingling sci-fi podcast about a man who uses a revolutionary self-help app for the first time, only to discover the technology is not what it seems.

PEOPLE’S CHOICE – ‘Dis-moi Tout Podcast’ – Alexa Portela and Lucas De Souza. A motivational podcast from a couple living aboard who want to encourage others to follow their dream and do the same.

Runners up include:

‘Statue of Limitations’ – Jon Richardson. A podcast that explores the murky history of the Academy Awards, focusing on the overlooked talents from each year that deserved greater recognition.

’10K Payday’ – Brad Hemingway. A trailer for a podcast that follows one man’s journey as he attempts to turn $0 into $10K using a variety of means, from trading on the street to savvy investing.

‘Over The Hills – Stranded in Kashmir’ – Rishi Golembiewski. A tense travel podcast about a young man’s experience hitchhiking in the most heavily militarised place on Earth.

‘Where Did the Blue Box Go?’ – Devin Andrade. An investigative look at one of the decade’s most shocking and mysterious disappearances.

‘Payphone Chats’ – Wayne Waples. A hilarious podcast from a man who calls payphones in Australia and sees who picks up.

‘Antivirus’ – Eoin Kelly. A podcast that pulls apart the fascinating story of how cyber hackers attacked the national healthcare system of Ireland in 2021.

My RØDE Cast will return in 2022. Winning podcasts can be heard at

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