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Monday, June 17, 2024

Shure ADX3 Plug-On Transmitter with ShowLink Technology

Shure, in partnership with Jands, the exclusive distributor of Shure products in Australia, has introduced the Axient Digital ADX3 plug-on transmitter, the latest addition to the Shure Axient Digital Wireless System. ADX3 is suitable for audio professionals in broadcast television and location sound who are seeking an industry-standard transmitter that enables real-time remote control of key parameters.

“We’re proud to support professionals in location sound and broadcast news by offering another transmitter option equipped with our ShowLink technology,” said Nick Wood, Senior Director, Professional Audio Products at Shure. “In the most critical moments and conditions, the ADX3, along with the entire ShowLink-enabled Axient Digital Wireless ecosystem, provides the robust, real-time control necessary to deliver transparent audio for film, television and ENG.”

Diversity ShowLink Enabled for Real-Time Remote Control

ADX3 transforms any XLR-terminated microphone into an advanced, portable Axient Digital ADX Series wireless microphone, delivering the same transparent audio quality, RF performance and wide tuning of the AD3, with the addition of Shure’s proprietary ShowLink technology.

Whether the microphone and ADX3 are in the hand of a reporter or suspended above an actor with a boom pole, ShowLink allows comprehensive, real-time control of all transmitter parameters, including interference avoidance, over a robust 2.4GHz diversity wireless connection — directly from the convenience of the receiver in a cart, bag, camera or truck.

Integration with Axient Digital and Wireless Workbench 7

The ADX3’s compatibility with Wireless Workbench supports efficient control and configuration, optimal spectrum management, and frequency coordination. With real-time monitoring via the award-winning AD600 Spectrum Manager, sound engineers can neutralize RF interference by manually switching the signal to a clear backup frequency, or by programming the system to do it automatically. Additionally, the ADX3 seamlessly integrates with Axient Digital AD4D and AD4Q rack receivers as well as the Cinema Audio Society’s Award-winning ADX5D Dual-Channel Portable Receiver.

The ADX3 features a dust and moisture resistant, rugged metal construction, as well as an OLED display with an easy-to-navigate menu. The device’s patented locking mechanism ensures a secure, wobble-free connection that readily interfaces with handheld and shotgun microphones, enhancing mobility during broadcasts and on TV/film sets.

The ADX3’s selectable modulation modes optimise performance for spectral efficiency. Users can select High Density mode to dramatically increase their maximum system channel count or run ADX3 in standard mode for optimal, low latency coverage. Moreover, the ADX3 features automatic input staging and equips users with AES 256-bit encryption for secure transmission over a line-of-sight operating range of 300 feet (100 metres).

The ADX3 ships with two SB900 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, with each battery providing up to six and a half hours of continuous use, precision metering, and zero memory effect. The SB900 battery can be charged over a USB-C port. Alternatively, the transmitter can be powered externally via USB-C or by two AA batteries.



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