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Software and Mics from RØDE’s New Streaming and Gaming Division

After what the company says has been more than three years in development, audio manufacturer RØDE has launched a streaming and gaming division, RØDE X, dedicated to developing high-performance audio solutions specifically for streamers and gamers.

According to the company, the new division employs a dedicated streaming and gaming R&D department appointed to developing a brand-new product line, of which the first three products are now available worldwide: UNIFY, a virtual mixing solution custom-designed for streaming and gaming, and two new professional USB microphones – the XDM-100 dynamic USB microphone and XCM-50 condenser USB microphone.

“We are incredibly excited about the launch of RØDE X,” said RØDE CEO Damien Wilson. “For more than three decades, RØDE has been the go-to audio brand for the world’s creators. We have made it our mission to provide professional audio solutions to musicians, filmmakers, podcasters and broadcasters. Listening to and learning from creators is what we do and has led to the development of groundbreaking products like the VideoMic, RØDECaster Pro and Wireless GO. Now we’re doing the same for streamers and gamers.”

The hero of the RØDE X launch range is UNIFY. Designed to be the ultimate audio software for streaming and gaming, UNIFY consolidates functionality that would otherwise require multiple applications into one easy-to-use solution. This includes routing and mixing up to four USB microphones or other audio devices and up to six virtual audio sources (including game, chat, music and browser applications) in one intuitive interface; creating independent sub-mixes for different outputs, including your livestream, headphones and chat; adding studio-grade audio processing to your microphone channels; triggering on-the-fly sound effects; multitrack recording and more.

The software comes free with all RØDE X products or is available for purchase as a monthly or yearly subscription for use with any other USB audio product.

RØDE’s XDM-100 professional dynamic USB microphone.

Alongside UNIFY in the range are two brand-new microphones: the XDM-100 and XCM-50. The XDM-100 is a professional dynamic USB microphone that delivers rich, broadcast audio ideal for streaming and gaming. It features premium circuitry with RØDE’s ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamp and high-resolution 24-bit/48 kHz analogue-digital conversion.

Its studio-grade dynamic capsule and tight cardioid polar pattern offer excellent clarity with superior rejection of room noise and keyboard or mouse clicks, and it comes with a high-quality pop shield and shock mount for mitigating unwanted pops, knocks and bumps. A high-power headphone output provides flawless zero-latency audio monitoring and playback, complete with hands-on level control and microphone mute functionality.

The XCM-50,meanwhile, is a professional condenser USB microphone also optimised for streaming and gaming. It delivers highly detailed voice reproduction with incredible warmth and presence thanks to its full frequency response. It, too, features a high-power headphone output complete with a level control and mute button, and an internal pop shield and capsule shock mount provide protection from pops, knocks and bumps. The XCM-50 comes with a desktop tripod and features an integrated 360-degree swing mount for flexible mic positioning.

Both microphones feature powerful internal digital signal processing (DSP), which can be unlocked using UNIFY. This allows you to add advanced APHEX audio processing to your voice – including a compressor, noise gate, high-pass filter, and the legendary Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects – with full granular control over every parameter for crafting your own signature sound. Together, UNIFY and a RØDE X microphone offer a complete audio solution for streaming or gaming with the full capabilities of a professional broadcast studio.

These products are the first in the RØDE X range, with more slated for release in 2023 and beyond.

“The launch of RØDE X marks an exciting new era for RØDE,” said Damien Wilson. “In addition to these two incredible microphones and UNIFY, we have a suite of groundbreaking products currently in development that are going to shape the future of audio for streaming and gaming. This is just the beginning.”


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