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Monday, June 17, 2024

Solid State System T Broadcast Platform

Solid State Logic recently presented its System T production platform at the 2022 NAB Show. System T – which the company will highlight in demonstrations throughout the show – promises to bring a new level of capabilities to both sports and entertainment production.

As the demands of quality broadcast production continues to evolve in the worlds of sports and entertainment programming, Solid State Logic’s System T platform is able to serve live-to-air broadcasters, OTT/streaming services and media production houses alike with powerful, best-in-class capabilities that include sophisticated remote production and support for immersive and next generation audio (NGA) content – which is becoming increasingly common as broadcasters look to distribute higher-value content their audiences.

Solid State Logic’s System T platform delivers the ultimate control and redundancy so production environments can operate flexibly, and according to their specific needs. With networked control surfaces, powerful software, intelligent I/O interfaces and sophisticated processing engines, System T can impart a distributed and decentralised workflow – increasing teams’ ability to collaborate no matter where they are situated.

Seamless remote production

System T delivers a seamless, remote production experience for production teams:

  • Console to console control over any network, including public internet with a VPN.
  • Virtualised control with SSL’s T-SOLSA System T software on a COTS computer hardware or virtual machine.
  • All control positions utilise the same GUI design for a unified user experience.

Immersive and NGA production

For immersive and NGA production, System T offers powerful, best-in-class capabilities such as:

  • Native immersive / NGA bus formatting for efficient 3D panning.
  • Ability to output immersive mixes in parallel to stereo, surround and more.
  • A 360° transcoder enables user to connect spatial audio microphones – such as Sennheiser’s AMBEO microphone – directly to the console.
  • New TE1 & TE2 engines offer scalable processing packs to accommodate the increase in DSP required for immersive.


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