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Sonance Invisible Series Delivers Breakthroughs in Audio Quality and Installation

Audio manufacturer Sonance, continues to transform custom audio integration with a new speaker line. The Motion Flex Invisible Series incorporates breakthroughs in audio quality and installation, and firmly entrenches Sonance as a leader in discreet performance audio. This new lineup of invisible speakers will replace the existing series.

With the belief that technology should blend into the design of a space, the objective of this new series is to create technology without compromise to aesthetic or performance. The new Sonance Invisible Series offers a suite of advancements in invisible speaker engineering that together delivers unparalleled acoustic performance. The speakers and subwoofers are equipped with Sonance Motion Flex Technology, a brilliant combination of all-new transducer, crossover, and motion technology.

The wide bandwidth Wave Flex Drive Unit behaves as a high-bandwidth midrange and high-frequency transducer, all-in-one. This delivers velvety-smooth mids and crystal-clear highs. The carbon fibre Air Flex Woofer connects to a chamber of air behind the speaker diaphragm resulting in a piston-like movement for robust and powerful bass. With an ultra-low crossover, these speakers have nearly 180° horizontal and vertical dispersion for consistent tonality from every listening position.

Sonance has also established a repeatable, reliable installation process. The Sonance DISC System works by using a high-accuracy depth gauge and embedded locator discs to measure the thickness of a finish applied over the surface of a Sonance Invisible Speaker. This allows for a consistent surface finish thickness across every speaker on every project.

The new Sonance Invisible Series speakers offer enhancements that cannot be seen but can be heard. With six new models, each comprised of all-new engineering, the new Sonance Invisible Series boasts full range performance that excels in applications for music playback and home theatre.

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