Friday, May 24, 2024

Sound Devices Announces New Firmware for 8-Series Mixers

Sound Devices has announced what it says is a major firmware release for its 8-Series mixer-recorders and companion app SD-Remote, available immediately via free download from

Firmware v7.00 features a long list of additions and improvements. Most notable are SuperSlot support for the Wisycom MCR54, the addition of compressors, Q-marks, NoiseAssist Plugin demo mode, and expanded options for Scorpio channels 17-32. SD-Remote v7.00 includes new meter and channel screen views and remote control of fader, trim, and more.

The Wisycom MCR54 is now SuperSlot-compatible. The open-source SuperSlot protocol supports up to four channels of audio per slot. When two MCR54s are paired with an 8-Series mixer-recorder and an SL-2, an astonishing eight channels of wireless are available. The 8-Series mixer-recorder may be used to set frequency, start and view RF Scans, view RF history, edit parameters and menu items, and more.

Version 7.00 introduces compressors, which are available for all busses and channels. Multiple settings can be independently customised, such as threshold, ratio, knee, attack, release, and whether the compression is applied pre- or post-fade.

The new NoiseAssist Plugin demo mode allows sound professionals to try the NoiseAssist plugin on their device before purchasing a license. The demo version of the NoiseAssist plugin comes preloaded in the 8-Series mixer-recorder with version 7.00, so no additional download is required. A license may be purchased by visiting 

8-Series v7.00 introduces Q-marks, also known as cue markers, for identifying specific positions of BWF recordings. Additionally, Scorpio channels 17-32 now have trim gain and adjustable high pass filters, and can now receive audio from any input source.

As productions resume with social distancing protocols in place, remote control of devices is more important than ever before. The newest update for SD-Remote, v7.00, includes new 16 channel meter views, new channel screen views, and remote control of faders, trim, pan, and file transfer mode. The sleek new interface allows for sound professionals to monitor levels and adjust gain without being fixed to their 8-Series mixer-recorder. SD-Remote v7.00 is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

8-Series users may view the full list of changes and upgrade to v7.00 by visiting the Sound Devices Downloads Page at 

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