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Sound Devices Scorpio and 888 – First Portable Recorders with Cloud Tech

Sound Devices recently announced that the Scorpio and 888 mixer-recorders can now upload directly to Frame.io’s new subscription Camera to Cloud (C2C) system – making them the first-ever portable mixer-recorders with this groundbreaking feature. The Scorpio and 888 upload to C2C using an Ethernet port in the back of the unit. Because uploading occurs in the background, sound professionals can continue to record audio while simultaneously backing up their files to the cloud or delivering to post-production. Support for C2C was recently released as part of 8-Series firmware v8.00, which can be downloaded for free.

“With the Frame.io infrastructure, we can directly upload from capture to the cloud. It’s a game-changing leap that allows the creative post-production process to happen almost immediately. It’s the holy grail of delivery. We’re not streaming audio to the cloud. We’re uploading audio files to the cloud, in the background, seamlessly,” said Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design. “You don’t have to wait for an upload to finish. You can just carry on shooting another take, so it doesn’t affect the rhythm of how you work. It’s also possible to send the cutting room the stereo mixdown along with the ISO channels so editors have a choice about what they want to work with. It’s a creative enhancement.”

C2C offers much more than file upload to the cloud. Frame.io’s technology uses timecode and metadata to intelligently sync stereo mix tracks from the Scorpio and 888 with files from supported cameras. These dailies can be accessed immediately so post-production can begin work while production is still taking place. C2C also automatically organises files into folders using metadata. Cloud Devices, such as the Scorpio and 888, are authenticated to a Frame.io project to ensure files are delivered securely via an encrypted connection.

“Frame.io C2C is disruptive technology that changes the traditionally linear filmmaking process, allowing both on-set production and remote post-production teams to work together at the same time,” said Michael Cioni, Global SVP of Innovation at Frame.io. “This level of collaboration brings creative teams together and allows them to work faster and more collaboratively than ever before.”

In addition to support for C2C, 8-Series firmware v8.00 introduces multiple new features for the 833, 888, and Scorpio: a Copy Channel Settings menu, bus name editing, a Channel Colors menu for the CL-16, and more. Sound professionals can view the full change list and upgrade their 8-Series firmware by visiting www.sounddevices.com/download.

Visit https://www.sounddevices.com and https://www.frame.io/c2c/

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