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Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Radio Sintonía is the reference station on the FM Band of the Island of Fuerteventura. The Island belongs to the archipelago of the Canary Islands, in the Atlantic Ocean, in Spain.

They transmit on six different frequencies to provide the best geographical coverage possible to reach their listeners. They are devoted to serve the community and they focus on making what we call ‘street radio’, with coverage of local sports, events and tourism on the island.

In 2020, when the Talent audiocodec was released, many stations in the world invested in this unit with the intention of ‘making radio from home’. At Radio Sintonía, they were driven by other reasons. They focus on taking the radio out into the street to interact with their community. The fantastic climate of the Canary Islands allows both, sport or other events, to take place outdoors.

Sometimes they connect it to a 16-channel live sound console, a headphone amplifier, some wireless microphones, a 3G/4G router and they take the radio out to any plaza or town square.

Additionally, through the Bluetooth link to a smartphone, they can receive calls and make them part of the program, preferably through Whatsapp, which gives them very good sound quality, much better than normal telephony.

The TALENT control surface is as simple as its operation. With just a couple of buttons they connect with the station. Also, the Smartphone app “TALENT PILOT” allows them to manage the unit directly form the phone.

On the studio PC they have the free CONTROLPHOENIX application installed. This allows them to manage both, the Talent codec at the stadium or wherever it might be, as well as the Phoenix rack-mounted audiocodec at the studio. This way they can monitor the status of both devices in real time, and if required, to intervene to modify some configuration parameters or resolve other issues. This application shows very intuitively the exact connection status as well as real VU meters of both audio inputs and outputs. It also allows them to route these signals as required to the headphones and control the gain.

Iván Travieso, Technical Director, said, “We are really happy with our choice to go for TALENT and other technology from AEQ. From day one we have really enjoyed to explore the Talent and its multiple possibilities for use. It has allowed us to sharpen our ingenuity to adapt the use of this very basic piece of equipment so that it covers for almost all our needs for outside broadcasting.

“In this way we have been able to be really close to our listeners and even improve our figures of audience. Our listeners want to be totally up to date with sports in general, and especially with local and regional soccer of all levels and ages.”


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