Monday, April 22, 2024

Stage Tec AVATUS Software Release 1.12 – Two-User Operation

Stage Tec recently introduced interesting new features with the latest software release 1.12 for the AVATUS IP console. One of the most innovative new features is simultaneous operation of AVATUS with two sound engineers. The virtual division of a console, which can also consist of several physical buckets, is currently offered by no other console on the market. The division takes place in blocks of 12 control strips each, which make up one cassette. Both sound engineers have unlimited and independent access to various functions: They have their own SOLO and PFL functionalities at their disposal, each in its own control room. The global layer switching, function selection and synchronous scrolling of lists (Aux, N-1, groups, EQ bands, …) only affect the respective user area. Even functions such as spill, the temporary link function or Aux-/N-1 to faders (including auto lists) can be altered independently by both sound engineers. Furthermore, both users can access all audio channels simultaneously and work with the same channels (e.g ambience).

With the new software release, AVATUS performance and response times are enhanced significantly. And the talk functionality of the two command paths can now be assigned to any user button.

Especially for collaboration between sound engineers or a répétiteur, AVATUS now offers the possibility of temporarily linking one of the two control rooms to the other at the push of a button. Both control rooms always carry the same monitoring signal, but can be operated independently, and volume, mute functions, DIM, side and polarity swaps are independent.

The alternative monitoring function for both AVATUS control rooms is another new feature. It is possible to switch between two monitoring systems in both control rooms. The crosspoints for the outputs of the monitoring systems are stored system-wide and no longer depend on the project.

Software release 1.12 for AVATUS is available now.


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