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Sunday, June 16, 2024

TASCAM Announces Continued Windows and macOS Support

TASCAM announces its continued support for the latest versions of the Windows and Mac OS computing platforms by providing new drivers and firmware for the company’s current line of audio interfaces and select older interfaces. Recognising the necessity for dedicated hardware to maintain compatibility with the ever-changing nature of software, TASCAM is committed to providing its customers with updated firmware and drivers to ensure seamless operation with one’s favourite audio production applications – regardless of the computing platform.

TASCAM has an extensive line of production tools for which updated drivers and firmware are important to the ongoing use of the product. Some of these are dedicated audio interfaces while others have the audio interface as part of a larger package, such as an integrated audio/MIDI interface with a mic Pre/Mixer (US-20×20). Regardless of the product a customer wants to check on, they can visit this link. Here, users will find those Windows products currently supported and, by clicking on the product name, they will be directed to that product’s support page, where they will be able to download the latest version software and firmware, documentation for installing the updates, manuals, and more.

As part of its ongoing efforts to maximise its products’ longevity, TASCAM also recently announced a major update to its USB Audio Interface Driver, Version 4.0 for Windows. Available as a free download, the 4.0 driver update reflects TASCAM’s commitment to improved driver stability and performance, while delivering ultra-low latency with a selectable latency setting between four samples and 2048 samples.

For those users seeking information regarding product compatibility with Mac OS Big Sur, a product chart with update information is available here.


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