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TASCAM Introduces the TM-250U USB Condenser Microphone

TASCAM recently announced the TM-250U USB Condenser Microphone. Designed for capturing crisp, accurate audio when interfaced with personal computers, the TM-250U is the ideal solution for high quality, direct connection computer audio for podcasting, dialog and vocal recording, music recording, conferencing, and other forms of online audio.

The TASCAM TM-250U delivers detailed audio straight to a computer via USB. Featuring a super cardioid polar pattern and a frequency response of 20Hz-20kHz, the TM-250U functions via USB-C connectors on the Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS platforms.

Compatible with USB class compliant devices, the microphone makes a direct connection to computers with a USB cable, so no special driver is required. Record voice-over or music directly to the computer’s recording software with stream optimised 16-bit/48kHz sampling and achieve pristine audio quality for any application where clean and natural sounding audio is required.

With robust build quality specifically designed for computer audio, the TM-250U provides built-in controls for managing audio – in the process, making interconnection with one’s computer effortless. The TM-250U is equipped with a Microphone volume (gain) control, a Headphone volume control, and a microphone Mute button that provides additional flexibility for in-the-moment control of audio. Equally notable, the microphone is also equipped with a dedicated headphone output connector (3.5mm stereo mini jack) for direct monitoring.

The TASCAM TM-250U USB Condenser Microphone package ships with the following included accessories: a microphone clip, a 6-foot USB C-A mic cable, and a desktop mic stand. Combined, the package provides everything necessary to quickly and easily set up at one’s desktop and immediately start recording.

The TASCAM TM-250U USB Condenser Microphone is to be available Q2, 2021.


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