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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Tileyard X World’s First Studio to Install Audient ASP4816-HE

Proudly sitting in the Red Suite at TYX, the ASP4816-HE suits the size of the room and the workflow of passing artists, producers and engineers that visit Tileyard London daily.

Ideal for home or studio use, the compact ASP4816-HE is just 1090mm wide and 995mm deep. TYX members demand quality and speed and the ASP4816-HE delivers both with an ease of use to help beginners. “You could walk up to one of these in any studio and understand how to pilot the thing within a matter of minutes” said Sound on Sound in their recent review of the ASP4816-HE at TYX. Features like a quality headphone amp and Vintage Mix Bus Processor add useful options for recording.

“We know TYX members want great results at speed and that means we need an easy to use desk that delivers great sound. Some of our members are migrating from a bedroom set up and this desk isn’t daunting for first time studio users, yet delivers the full fat experience of a larger desk. We love the fact that members will come back for more of what this desk provides. Our rooms are run on a membership basis and we needed a tracking and playback experience that added the least amount of overhead on our assistant’s workload,” says Jack Freegard, Managing Director TYX.

Andy Allen at Audient says “TYX is a great hub for established producers, new artists and so many people involved with creating chart topping sounds so it’s great to see Audient at the heart of the set-up. The fact that the ASP4816-HE is feature packed but intuitive makes it a good choice for the room, but the efficiency means you can just plug into a normal power socket so installing in any studio or home is easy too.”

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