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TSL Simplifies Audio Monitoring Workflow

As part of the transition towards IP workflows, TSL Products has announced updates to its audio monitoring offerings, including its SAM-Q platform, MPA1 and PAM-IP lines. The company has also announced support for Dante Domain Manager on all its Dante audio monitors.

Unlike traditional rackmount audio monitors, the SAM-Q platform continually provides value to customers even when no operator or engineer is present. As the only audio monitoring platform in the world able to adapt to the needs of its users, regardless of their skillset or task at hand, customers can deploy their SAM-Q audio monitors safe in the knowledge that system configurations are both locked and protected, courtesy of a system PIN code. Equipped with multiple operational modes and behaviours, as well as the capacity to allow customers to add or restrict new modes and behaviours over time, the SAM-Q-SDI now includes new features such as audio phase metering and loudness monitoring. The new SAM-Q loudness license also allows loudness data to be logged and monitored over an Ethernet network, providing deep audio analysis whilst at the same time maintaining operational simplicity.

New and existing SAM-Q-SDI customers can now also purchase an optional MADI monitoring license at any time, allowing one or both SDI inputs to be switched to and from MADI sources with ease. Additionally, TSL is releasing SAM-Q-EDIT, a free of charge configuration tool that allows SAM-Q-SDI owners to create, modify and edit their SAM-Q-SDI configurations using a PC. SAM-Q’s agile approach to audio monitoring, with licensed capabilities, remote monitoring and customer configurable behaviours, delivers solid operational and economical efficiencies for all applications.

TSL Products has also expanded its MPA1 range with the addition of the MPA1-SOLO-IP as well as updated MPA1-MIX-V range. Benefitting from TSL’s world-renowned IP expertise, the new MPA1-SOLO-IP offers cost-effective ST-2022-6 and ST-2110 audio and video monitoring, complete with redundant network connectivity. Built on TSL’s best-selling MPA1-SOLO-SDI, the MPA1-SOLO-IP offers two SFP+ ports for IP connectivity in addition to SDI, AES and analogue audio source monitoring, whilst retaining the depth of 100mm for compact and lightweight deployment found on all MPA1 audio monitors. The MPA1-MIX-V range of audio monitors features a re-designed user interface to specifically address the challenges of live production. With its wide range of input formats, customers can select the interface that best fits their production needs. Coupled with the SNMP control capabilities found on all MPA1 audio monitors, the MPA1-MIX-V range of audio monitors creates clear opportunities for integration with broadcast control systems, serving to maximise both operational and engineering efficiency.

TSL has also updated its PAM-IP line and its expansive functionalities beyond audio and video monitoring. Providing a high level of integration with third-party control systems, TSL’s PAM-IP has become the go-to audio monitor for customers deploying IP infrastructures. The PAM-IP allows ST-2110 multicast flow subscriptions to be managed using ‘In-Band’ or ‘Out of Band’ network connections and control protocols such as Ember+, NMOS IS-04/05 or TSL’s own RESTful API. Subscription status can be monitored remotely over a network with the PAM-IP webpage, along with health status information such as IP packet counters, signal format and PTP status. Supporting ST-2110, ST-2022-6 and Dante networks, as well as more traditional SDI, AES and analogue sources, the PAM-IP provides premium audio monitoring that aids in the transition to IP.

TSL is also announcing support for Audinate’s Dante Domain Manager, across its entire range of Dante audio monitors including its PAM1-IP, PAM2-IP, MPA1-SOLO-DANTE, MPA1-MIX-DANTE and MPA1-MIX-DANTE-V.

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