Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Update for the Wireless GO II and RØDE Central

RØDE recently released a new update for the Wireless GO II and RØDE Central, which introduces several new features that deliver a more streamlined workflow, with better file management, improved recording navigation and new export options.

You can download Version 1.3 of RØDE Central here (desktop version only).

New features include:

Batch export – multiple recording files can now be exported simultaneously.

Exporting selections – sections of recordings can now be exported individually via manual selection, rather than users having to export the entire file.

Marker indexing – user markers that have been manually dropped in a recording are now indexed in a drop-down menu, making specific sections of a recording easy to access and export.

Colour-coded markers – to make it easier to differentiate between dropout markers and user markers in a recording file, these are now colour-coded red and green.

Dropout regions – if several dropouts occur within 10 seconds of each other, these will now be displayed as a “dropout region” rather than there being multiple dropout markers clumped together. This can then be exported as an individual section.

‘Jump-to Marker’ button – a ‘Jump-to Marker’ button has been added, which makes it even easier to locate and export dropouts, dropout regions and user markers.

Naming recordings – the names of recordings can now be manually edited in RØDE Central. 

Improved recording navigation – a mini-nav bar has been added to the top of each recording, which allows users to quickly jump to a region rather than having to scrub through the whole file. A zoom function has also been added to the main recording waveform. Both of these features are particularly handy for navigating through longer recordings.

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