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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Updated WorldDAB In-Car UX Guidelines

The WorldDAB In-car User Experience (UX) Guidelines were created by the WorldDAB Automotive Working Group to provide clear guidance on how to deliver the best possible digital radio user experience. An updated version of the Guidelines are now available with following updates:

  • Hybrid radio: A new section with guidance on how the DAB user experience is enhanced with hybrid radio, and how broadcast radio and IP should be implemented by the vehicle manufacturer in areas such as station lists and seamless switching.
  • Voice controls and phonemes: With the growing use of voice recognition, a new section has been added highlighting the need for broadcasters to provide vehicle manufacturers with phonemes for station names so that listeners will easily find stations when using voice control.
  • Data on in-car radio listening: new data has been included on why radio remains important to drivers, including key findings from the recent Car Buyers Survey by Edison Research which found that 90% of car buyers say broadcast radio should be standard in every vehicle.
  • Service lists: information on how service lists are shown on the screen, technical information on updates made to the relevant ETSI standard, and new guidance on what should be displayed if there is a delay in service linking, recommending use of either text or an icon to indicate an action is in progress.
  • Extending the UX Guidelines worldwide: WorldDAB has collaborated with the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA) to produce a regional version of these Guidelines, specific to North America.

These UX Guidelines are updated throughout the year – with current work ongoing to develop guidelines to clarify the process of switching to and from other platforms such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


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