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US and New Zealand Technology Innovators Respond to Global Production Boom

XL8, a Silicon Valley tech company providing AI-powered machine translation technology, and New Zealand software company Kiwa Digital are moving quickly to take advantage of the global production boom created by tech giants such as Netflix, Amazon, and Disney, launching a new collaboration for audio post-production. Responding to forecasts of explosive demand for localised media content, Kiwa Digital, developers of VoiceQ audio post-production software, announced today a collaboration with US-based XL8, developer of AI-powered machine translation technology optimised for media content.

Content owners and service providers are under increasing pressure to meet the exploding worldwide demand for media titles and deliver hyper-localised translated media to a growing number of platforms. To meet the demands of the market, companies need tools that not only automate and streamline the localisation process but also scale to work at the speed of their business. The sector regularly witnesses cases where clients have reported losing 80 percent of their requested deals due to the lack of capacity.

XL8’s machine translation technology creates opportunities to focus labor on more productive and creative tasks, instead of tedious and repetitive activities that are better suited for automation and AI-powered workflows. Efficiencies gained from less post-editing results in faster delivery times, increased throughput, higher profitability, and reduced costs, thus allowing clients to take on more work while staying competitive with their rates.

Independent blind evaluations reveal XL8’s quality is consistently 20 percent – 40 percent+ better than current machine translation platforms due to unique engine training on media and entertainment content that has been 100 percent hand-curated by professional translators over the past 20 years.

To further increase accuracy, XL8’s technology applies ‘context awareness’, which enhances the immersive experience for audiences while watching live or pre-recorded streaming or broadcast content.

VoiceQ’s dubbing technology makes it easy for translators, adapters, creative directors, sound engineers, and project teams to work together simultaneously, reflecting the industry’s new ways of working. Efficiencies gained from faster, higher quality adaptation and recording improve workflow, delivery times, higher profitability, and reduced costs. VoiceQ’s efficiency is based on the ability to adapt up to 80 script lines per hour, edit and amend scripts in real-time on the fly and record up to 40 lines or 80 cues per hour. VoiceQ’s quality is based on the ability to visually compare the script adaptation with the media file; providing a very precise ‘word level’ guide for creative and technical talent up to 20 percent better than traditional methods.

Client case studies reveal improved performance across workflows enabling up to 20 percent more project work year on year. VoiceQ is now recognised for “making sprawling international productions easier, faster and cheaper”.

VoiceQ clients can access XL8 by simply entering an API key associated with their XL8 Skroll account. Multiple languages can be captured in one session. Translate directly from Skroll into VoiceQ via API connection. Users can simply right click on a line(s) and select translate, and the service will send/receive from XL8 Skroll.

“Dubbing test case data is compelling. We’ve witnessed scripts over 16500 words machine translated by XL8 from English to French in less than thirteen minutes with +90 percent accuracy. Supported by professional human quality assurance the total translation process is less than a day compared to 12-15 days with professional human translation. Adaption of the translated script within VoiceQ reveals a further 10 percent-20 percent improvement in time and quality. These collective efficiencies are transformational for the sector.” says Steven Renata Managing Director of Kiwa Digital.

“XL8 is proud to offer its Skroll Translation service through an integration with VoiceQ, allowing dubbing facilities and professionals access to the most human-like machine translation on the planet,” says Tim YoungHoon Jung Founder and CEO of XL8. “We’re excited to announce this partnership enabling VoiceQ users to access XL8’s unparalleled machine translation quality within a fully integrated workflow. XL8’s machine translation service presents the best quality in the M+E market and will significantly boost the user’s ability to localise their content more efficiently and accurately,” says Jung.

“The industry is calling for global collaboration and efficiency, and for us, this can only be achieved by integrating ‘best in class’ tools. Our focus with this latest development has been on working with the best technology partners available. We reached out to the industry for recommendations on the translation tools they use and were thrilled to find the best of the best was created by XL8 Skroll,” says Renata.


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