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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Voicemod Announces Partnership With Tula Mics

Voicemod, pioneer of voice augmentation and audio technology has announced its new partnership with creative microphone brand, Tula, together launching a portable bundle to combine pocket-sized microphones with Voicemod’s creative sound solutions, to give musicians, podcasters and digital content creators alike a professional studio sound – wherever they are in the world.

Founded by music-loving brothers Jaime, Juan, and Fernando Bosch, Voicemod puts the control of personal sonic identity in the hands of its users with a suite of creative tools including voice filters, speech-to-speech voice enhancement, and many other real-time audio customisations, resulting in a truly bespoke and immersive experience for its millions-strong user base.

Celebrating individuality and creativity in increasingly saturated digital environments, Voicemod is redefining the way people communicate online, providing content creators, streamers, and gamers with the technology to play with their audio expression in a way like never before.

Designed to sound as great as they look, the Tula microphone features ultra-fast USB-C, serving as a top-quality microphone for podcasting, virtual meetings, and streaming purposes, along with serving as a mobile recorder with 8GB of memory and up to 12 hours of recording time; all conveniently wrapped in a portable and vintage-inspired design. Its high quality sound and retro aesthetic make the microphone a firm favourite with content creators and digital streamers.

By combining Voicemod’s spearheading audio technology with the portability and quality of the Tula microphones, users will benefit from premium and personalised sound, no matter where they are.

Of the launch, Voicemod CEO, co-founder, and avid music fan, Jaime Bosch commented: “We are very excited to be partnering with Tula to further extend our offering into the creators space, introducing the limitless possibilities of our sound technology to musicians and podcasters who want to sound as they wish to be heard. Now users can create the recording studio sound wherever they go; carrying it, quite literally, in their pocket.”

“We are thrilled about our partnership with Voicemod, creating a natural synergy between hardware and software. The Tula Mic allows creators to capture studio-quality sound whether at home or out in the world and Voicemod opens up an entire new world of creative possibilities with their cutting-edge soundboard and voice curation,” added David Brown, founder of Tula.

The collaboration from Voicemod is the latest step in the audio giant’s rapid growth plans, following its recent announcement of the brand partnership with Tencent and the launch of its cutting edge, AI ‘speech to speech’ technology.

To obtain the bundle, users who purchase any Tula Mic will receive a one-month free Voicemod Pro license.

Voicemod will also be running a promotion on its Discord Server guaranteeing a 10 percent discount code on Tula Mics for Voicemod users.

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