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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Wheatstone Announces Partnership with Radio.Cloud

A recent partnership between Wheatstone and Radio.Cloud has resulted in the industry’s first fully integrated cloud environment combining program automation with AoIP control and routing. Together, the two offer a platform that integrates native AoIP with cloud-native automation for a large installed base of Wheatstone studios around the globe.

Wheatstone brings its WheatNet-IP audio network to the partnership. WheatNet-IP is a large ecosystem of AoIP studio elements and third-party technology partners, from consoles and virtual interfaces to routable audio codecs, EQ dynamics, mixing, stream provisioning, scripting tools and more.

Radio.Cloud contributes its browser-based Live Studio and cloud-native automation system, the first of its kind in the radio industry.

By integrating Radio.Cloud’s Live Studio software with WheatNet-IP AoIP control and routing, broadcasters can control automation and studio functions (manipulating faders and other console controls) from either the Radio.Cloud interface or WheatNet-IP control surfaces. This means users will get a response either in the browser with a virtual console such as the Glass LXE and Remote LXE, or on the hardware itself.

“Radio.Cloud is fully dedicated to a cloud-native operation, but there are many cases where a hybrid model makes absolute sense. Wheatstone is an ideal partner for us because Radio.Cloud can now perfectly communicate with the on-prem hardware,” said Christian Brenner, CEO and Founder of Radio.Cloud. “They have one of the largest installed bases of AoIP systems in the industry.”

“Partnering with Radio.Cloud extends the reach and capability of our AoIP network for our customers now. But it also moves us all a step closer to the future, where radio can be a lot more mobile and agile – and that only benefits the industry as a whole,” agreed Wheatstone’s Technology Manager Dominic Giambo.

Radio.Cloud is the first cloud-native automation system certified as a partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platform serves more than 150 affiliates across Europe and North America. Wheatstone is the industry’s leading AoIP manufacturer, based in New Bern, North Carolina, where it engineers, manufactures and supports its console, AoIP, audio processing and digital editing product lines.

In 2020, Wheatstone won an Emmy for “development of synchronised multichannel uncompressed audio transport over IP networks” which led to the implementation of the AES67 standard.

Currently, the two forward-thinking companies are working on integrating Radio.Cloud with Wheatstone’s new cloud Layers Software Suite to bring high-quality audio processing software to cloud data centres.

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