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Monday, July 15, 2024

Wheatstone Introduces Mic-to-Transmitter Virtualisation

Full virtualisation from mic to transmitter is now possible for broadcasters not yet ready to entrust their broadcast chain to a public cloud provider.

New Wheatstone Layers introduces the entirely software-based broadcast chain from multitouch ‘glass’ consoles to backend mixing, audio processing and streaming into the transmitter or CDN provider.

Wheatstone Layers is the best of both worlds, combining the scalability of enterprise servers with the deep reliability of a Wheatstone facility.

  • Host multiple instances from a standard IT server for several studios or locations connected by WheatNet-IP audio networking.
  • Mix and control from your laptop, tablet or other glass or physical control surface.
  • Consolidate several stations and studios into one or two servers.
  • Add on in an instant. Instances can be added as needed for backend mixing, FM processing and stream provisioning, processing, and metadata management.
  • Back up existing WheatNet-IP studios in a redundant server on or offsite. Additional physical studios not required.

The Wheatstone Layers Software Suite runs on enterprise IP servers/computers and replaces specialised hardware, specifically standalone audio processors, mix engines and streaming appliances. New Wheatstone Layers Glass Software for the laptop, tablet or other glass surface includes control interfaces as well as full-function radio and television virtual consoles with familiar buttons, knobs, and multitouch navigation.


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