Thursday, April 18, 2024

Wheatstone’s New MP-532 Processor Coming

This NAB show will be a first for Wheatstone’s MP-532 multipurpose FM/AM/HD audio processor.

Described by broadcasters as having “the most articulation and clarity of any audio processor I’ve ever heard” and able to “go anywhere from clean and dynamic to loud and proud with just a few adjustments,” the MP-532 introduces new algorithms to produce even deeper lows, detailed highs and a warm and present midrange that have not been possible from an audio processor until now.

The MP-532 is a multipurpose processor for FM, AM, and HD radio and includes RDS, multiplex power controller and WheatNet-IP audio network interface.

The MP-532 will be at Wheatstone booth N2631 along with the company’s full line of audio processors and AoIP products.


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