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Wireless Audio System from JTS

JTS has launched the state-of-the-art JTS Wireless Audio System, eliminating the need for speaker cabling and resolving audio latency without any compromise in sound quality.

It has been designed to address the challenges faced by professionals in live performances, presentations, and vocal applications, while delivering exceptional performance.

The JTS Wireless Audio System boasts a range of innovative features and specifications for delivering the way sound is transmitted and received with its dual-channel, ultra-high frequency (UHF) transmission providing stereo or two mono channels for versatile audio configuration options. With a simple one-button press sync between the receiver (JP-SPT1R) and transmitter (JP-SPT1T), cable runs are eliminated, providing effortless set up and teardown making this compact-sized design excellent for installation flexibility.

The JTS Wireless Audio System

One of the standout features of the JTS Wireless Audio System is its 272-metre transmission distance, empowering performers and presenters to move freely while maintaining impressive audio quality. With UHF true diversity technology, a wide 36 MHz switching bandwidth, and six preset groups of up to 1,441 selectable channels, the JTS Wireless Audio System ensures reliable and interference-free audio transmission, even in mission-critical applications.

Empowering users with independent audio channel control, the JTS Wireless Audio System offers complete command over their sound, resulting in optimal audio production. Additionally, this state-of-the-art system eliminates audio delay/latency, delivering a seamless and synchronised sound experience. By combining advanced technology and exceptional sound quality, JTS continues to empower professionals to deliver captivating performances and presentations without the limitations of traditional audio systems.

Key features:

  • UHF band PLL frequency oscillation mode for stability
  • Broadband 36MHz line design with six groups and 1,441 selectable channels
  • SPT-1T transmitter with 2.4GHz REMOSET wireless technology for easy synchronisation
  • BNC dual antenna receiver terminal for extended range and reduced interference
  • Compact, cable-free SPT-1R receiver attaches directly to the speaker
  • Audio delay compensation for precise signal performance
  • Wireless transmission system eliminates complex cable runs
  • Fast set up/teardown with great installation flexibility
  • Independent audio channel control for customisable sound experience

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