Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Wohler Launches New iAM-AUDIO1-8 and 2-8 Audio Monitors

Wohler Technologies, manufacturer of video, audio and data monitoring solutions, has released a new line of multi-input 8-channel units that contain several improvements over the existing AMP-S8 series units. These units are available in 1U and 2U configurations with several licensing options.

The new iAM-AUDIO1-8 and AUDIO2-8 units retain 3G-SDI and analog inputs as well as optional AES3 inputs. A Dolby decoding option for both SDI and AES3 is available as are options for MADI, audio over IP and the audio essences of ST-2110 and 2022-6 which were unavailable on the retired AMP1 and 2 S8’s, D8’s and E8’s.

Audio over IP, in either Dante or Ravenna formats, including 2110-30, can be added via an option card. Primary and secondary RJ-45 ethernet ports on the card enable hitless (redundant) 2022-7 monitoring.

Also available is an analogue option card, offering a further eight balanced inputs and outputs on DB-25 connectors, as well as a TOSLINK (SPDIF) connector.

Other improvements include reducing unit depth from 14.0 to 5.5-inch, adding loudness measurement as a standard feature, and including network capabilities to manage the unit remotely, and remotely view meters and other monitoring information.  This unit includes the mature touch-capable controls on other iSeries units that make it easy to use.

“These two new units fill an important role in filling out our product offering and we’re pleased to have a much-improved offering for our end of life S8, D8 and E8-MDA’s,” says Kim Templeman-Holmes, VP of Sales and Marketing.

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