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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Wohler’s ‘Administrative Access Controls’ Update for iAM and iVAM Ranges

Wohler Technologies has announced a free software upgrade feature for iAM and iVAM products excluding the iAM-MIX and iVAM1-1.

This new feature is designed to facilitate the prevention of accidental or unauthorised changing of critical settings in the menus. This lock out feature is accessed via the web GUI where an administrator can block or restrict access to various menus, either individually or globally, thereby limiting operator access to the menus the administrator has selected.

This feature offers two types of protection: ‘Passcode Access’ allows operators to access locked menus providing they input the correct administration password. ‘No Access’ greys out the locked functions and operators are limited to the selections made by the administrator. Examples of the options are shown below.  Units will continue to ship standard without any controls in place.

This free download is available from the downloads section of Wohler’s website.

“Our latest release simplifies the operator’s role while at the same time protecting any critical settings made by the administrator such as presets, or for example, the accidental selection of a full factory reset. This update represents the result of reviewing the feedback from our customers and end users and wherever possible, incorporating their valuable suggestions into our roadmap,” says Amol Natekar VP of Engineering.


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