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Appear Heads to BroadcastAsia

At BroadcastAsia, Appear will be discussing how its range of modular and energy-efficient contributions, OTT and distribution solutions lead the industry in reliability, density, and scalability. The latest addition to Appear’s portfolio is its hardware-accelerated video transport technology for the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) protocol. Visitors to its meeting room will be able to find out about the tremendous cost savings its new SRT-based solution brings to media companies globally, enabling them to align video transport costs with content value. The solution was launched on its X Platform at NAB Show 2023.

One of the key drivers of this solution is that although the SRT protocol was technically possible, media and entertainment companies didn’t have access to professional and robust solutions with the density needed to make internet delivery primetime-ready. Part of this is down to the speed of SRT’s evolution. In six years, it’s moved from code on a GitHub repository to being the preeminent choice for Internet-based video delivery. Appear’s hardware-accelerated SRT solution provides the high-density, robustness and flexibility that media & entertainment companies need to take advantage of cost-efficiencies of transporting video over the public.

For example, in contribution, today’s existing SRT gateways can only support HEVC distributed from a limited number of cameras before having to add more servers. One SRT-enabled Appear X Platform unit, however, can support up to 22 UHD camera feeds. In distribution, Appear’s SRT solution provides the lowest cost for channel transmission over the public internet, enabling operators to confidently replace expensive satellite links and dedicated fibre circuits.

SRT also means operators can massively reduce the transport budget of moving studio functionality (e.g., MAM) to the cloud. As an SRT gateway, one X20 can handle up to 6,144 connections (12 cards x 512 connections per card) and up to 72G of SRT traffic, saving space and power consumption at a much lower cost base. SRT also enables organisations to change the economics of migration to the cloud in their favour.

Appear is committed to ensuring its products and operations create the lowest impact possible on the environment. Extensive lab tests conducted by one of Appear’s customers, a Tier One European telco, found that Appear achieves considerably superior energy and space efficiency through its modular, tailor-made solutions, which ensure 5x less space and energy consumption than other market-leading providers. Against a competitor’s comparable server solutions, Appear’s X Platform produces 38x less CO2 production, 7x less watts per channel, 40x less electronic waste per year, and 20x less rack units per channel. The X Platform was awarded an NAB Show Excellence in Sustainability Award at the inaugural awards show at NAB Show 2023.


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