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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Best of Breed Solutions from Ideal Systems at BroadcastAsia 2024

Ideal Systems, a leader in broadcasting technology, is excited to announce its participation in BroadcastAsia 2024, Asia’s largest broadcast technology stage. The event will take place from May 29 to May 31 at the Singapore Expo, offering an unparalleled opportunity for broadcasters, content creators, and solution providers to network, share insights, and explore the latest trends and technologies shaping the industry.

Discover the Future of Broadcasting

BroadcastAsia 2024, as part of Asia Tech x Singapore, promises to be an unparalleled opportunity for broadcasters, content creators, and solution providers to network, share insights, and explore the latest trends and technologies shaping the industry.

At Our Booth: Best of Breed NDI Products

Ideal Systems is collaborating with top-tier technology companies to showcase an integrated NDI, AI, 2110, and Cloud solutions. Visit us at booth #6G4-5 to explore groundbreaking products from:

  • Kiloview
  • Birdog
  • Telescript
  • VizRt TriCaster
  • Konvision
  • Ross Video
  • Netgear
  • Alice + Total Media/Bitmovin
  • Densitron
  • Dejero Gateway
  • SI Media
  • Comcast Technology Solutions

Exhibiting Products:

Our partner Telescript International will showcase their NDI Certified IP Prompter Monitors. Telescript’s IP Prompter Monitors and the 16×9 4k IP Displays have the power of NDI® along with SDI, Analog, VGA, and HDMI inputs. The IP monitors are capable of decoding high bandwidth NDI signals as well as NDI|HX2|HX3 automatically, as well as other IP protocols.


As the earliest implementor of NDI technology, Kiloview has been committed to the promotion and practical application of NDI technology. Ideal Systems has extensively utilized their products in many of our NDI projects. Kiloview offers all-encompassing solutions for the AV over IP industry, leveraging core technologies like KiloLink, NDI, Dante AV. Their ecosystem spans video capture, encoding, management, recording, decoding, monitoring, and production, all optimised for IP and lightweight benefits. Widely adaptable across broadcasting, healthcare, education, conferences, sports, and religious institutions, Kiloview’s solutions cater to diverse AV needs.


Kiloview’s P Series 5G/4G bonding encoders offer cost-effective solutions for multi-link bonding, powered by their patented KiloLink technology. KiloLink enables users to deploy a free, private bonding service platform, reducing costs while ensuring low latency, high quality, and stable transmission. This technology utilizes all available network links, employing reliable UDP transmission with congestion control algorithms to optimize efficiency and reliability over conventional networks and multi-link bonding, outperforming traditional TCP.


The N60/N50 is Kiloview’s latest NDI video encoding/decoding product, supporting up to 4KP60/12G-SDI NDI High Bandwidth/NDI HX/NDI HX3/SRT video streams. It utilizes advanced FPGA technology and cutting-edge encoding/decoding algorithms for high-quality broadcast-grade video. Equipped with an LCD display and control wheel for easy operation, it supports USB recording or NAS storage and includes features like Tally, PoE, PTZ, voice intercom, and analog audio support.


The N6/N5 are highly affordable all-in-one NDI encoding/decoding devices supporting NDI High Bandwidth/NDI HX/NDI HX3 protocols. The N6 encodes HDMI input into NDI streams, while the N5 encodes 3G-SDI input. Perfect for video conferencing and teaching, they are compact, portable, and mountable on cameras. They offer features like Tally, PoE, PTZ, analog audio input/output, and intercom, catering to various needs.

Kiloview’s H.265/H.264 decoder supports up to 4Kp60 resolution and can handle multiple network video streams (NDI, SRT, RTMP, etc.). It outputs through 3G-SDI and HDMI interfaces, with the ability to decode multiple streams simultaneously. The D350 4K UHD Decoder is similarly powerful, supporting resolutions up to 4KP60 and decoding multiple network video streams. It offers flexible multi-screen layouts, OLED display for IP addresses & output status, and advanced features like custom split-screen display and dynamic switching. Ideal for broadcasters and media professionals needing versatile AV over IP solutions.

The MG300 v2 video gateway is a versatile tool that combines streaming protocol conversion, distribution services, video decoding, and multi-screen splitting. It smoothly connects with various systems and encoding formats, facilitating unified format conversion and multi-protocol compatibility. With robust processing power, it handles simultaneous accesses, making it ideal for large-scale video transmission and presentation needs.

RU01 / RU03
The Chassis offers versatile support for both 4-channel (RU01) and 16-channel (RU03) encoding and decoding modules within a single rack-mounted framework. This facilitates seamless remote video transmission, broadcasting, and interaction over wired networks. Engineered with dual power supply and centralized heat dissipation, these devices ensure dependable and stable operation for continuous 24/7 usage.


The CUBE X1 Distribution System is a compact semi-2U device designed for routing and distributing NDI video streams. It supports up to 16 inputs and 32 outputs for NDI HX signals (or 13 inputs and 26 outputs for NDI High Bandwidth sources), enabling seamless switching of all signals. Its features include Router distribution mode, Multi-channel distribution, Multi-task grouping management, and Signal looping playback. Compatible with various NDI formats without resolution limitations, it finds applications in broadcasting, TV production, online streaming, medical teaching demonstrations, and video conferences. It offers two workflow modes: Distribution Mode, where all NDI sources connect to the matrix server for internal switching and distribution, and Router Mode, allowing decoding terminals to pull NDI input sources directly without passing through the matrix, thus conserving bandwidth and enhancing performance.


The CUBE R1 is an ideal NDI video recording and playback device suitable for live production, post-production, and on-set use. It can simultaneously record up to 4 channels of 4K video or 9 channels of 1080P60 HD video. Featuring a 5.5-inch touch LCD display, it offers real-time playback with options like fast forward, rewind, and frame-by-frame playback. With dual SSD storage drives supporting hot swapping, it allows for NDI recording.

Explore the latest advancements in camera technology BirdDog’s X1 and MAKI cameras. These recently launched products will take centre stage at our Booth at BroadcastAsia 2024. Named after the sushi roll, the handy MAKI Ultra box camera delivers big shots, in tight spaces. This little powerhouse packs in lightning-fast autofocus and 4K60 capabilities to ensure you catch every moment with stunning precision. With enhanced network reliability through NDI® | HX3 integration, you can trust MAKI Ultra to deliver top-quality video without breaking a sweat. And get this – it’s got intuitive on-board buttons for seamless control, so you can dive into your creative zone without getting bogged down in the technical stuff.

NDI® | HX3.
The X1 and X1 Ultra deliver superior network performance via NDI® | HX3 integration. You get significantly reduced network impact and excellent image quality, meaning its more friendly in more network environments. BirdDog’s NDI® | HX3 delivers quality and performance you can count on.

The X1 and X1 Ultra are the world’s first PTZ cameras featuring an NDI® | HX* Decoder designed specifically for confidence monitoring, return feeds, or teleprompter usage. Birddog have pulled all this connectivity into a single cable, radically simplifying how you interface with your equipment. Less gear. Less hassle. Whether you’re broadcasting live or delivering a CEO address, the integrated NDI HX decoder enables more brilliance with less setup.

Every production could use a little help from a friend. The X1 and X1 Ultra keep your subject in focus with AI tracking technology, intelligently following your subject’s movements in real-time. Whether you’re orchestrating a live event, capturing spontaneous moments in a hybrid environment, or hunting down sports action, AI tracking helps you get well framed – without needing an octopus to run the controller.

No need to use cables to capture every shot. On top of regular ethernet with PoE, X1 and X1 Ultra have built-in Wi-Fi functionality. Easily capture shots from spots where it’s hard to run cable, seamlessly integrating into any environment.

Experience your new favourite sidekick for capturing moments in detail at IDEAL booth.

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