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Ideal Systems – Casting an Eye on NDI

Based on its experience delivering many varied and successful projects using NDI, Ideal Systems (Booth #6E1-07) will be showcasing a selection of core NDI technologies from which a variety of video solutions can be built – from Live Sports, to News, from Studios to Live Events – all done more cheaply and efficiently than ever before by leveraging NDI technology.

NDI, or Network Device Interface, is a video over IP protocol originally developed by NewTek that enables the transmission of high-quality video and audio signals over standard Ethernet networks. Some of the key benefits of NDI include:

  • High-quality video transmission: NDI allows for the transmission of high-quality, low-latency video signals over standard Ethernet networks. This means that video can be transmitted without any loss in quality and with very little delay, making it ideal for live events and broadcast applications.
  • Simplified workflow: NDI eliminates the need for dedicated cabling and complex hardware setups, as multiformat video and audio signals can be transmitted over existing network infrastructure. This simplifies the workflow and makes it easier to set up and manage video production systems.
  • Scalability: NDI allows for the easy addition of new video sources and destinations to a network, making it highly scalable. This means that it can be used in a wide range of applications, from small-scale productions to large-scale events and broadcasts.
  • Cross-platform compatibility: NDI is supported by a wide range of hardware and software products, making it easy to integrate into existing workflows and systems. This also means that it can be used across different platforms and operating systems, making it a versatile and flexible solution.
  • Cost-effective: NDI can be used with standard 1Gb,2.5GB or 10Gb Ethernet networks and cost-effective off-the-shelf hardware, which makes it a cost-effective solution for video production and broadcasting. It eliminates the need for expensive cabling and specialized equipment, which can significantly reduce the overall cost of a production.

BroadcastAsia venue, Singapore Expo, is also an Ideal NDI reference customer see link https://www.idealsys.com/singex

The following is a preview of NDI technologies and manufacturers Ideal will be showcasing:

  • Capella Systems’ CEO Ikuyo Yamada will attend from San Jose, California, to show Cambria Live, an all-in-one live encoding solution. Cambria Live can now ingest NDI streams and output ABR streams such as HLS, MPEG-Dash, and CMAF to a variety of CDN platforms, including Akamai, AWS Elemental MediaStore and Brightcove. Cambria’s web UI provides real-time monitoring of the encoded feed, providing the ability for operators to dynamically insert accurate ad breaks from anywhere in the world. Cambria Live ingests NDI and other live signals, and then encodes the video while inserting SCTE-35 ad markers triggered by operators into the output stream. Cambria Live can be installed on premise or in the cloud.
  • AJA Video Systems will be showcasing the AJA BRIDGE NDI 3G, a 1RU turnkey gateway offering high density conversion from 3G-SDI to NDI and NDI to 3G-SDI for both multi-channel HD and 4K/UltraHD. Designed to drop into any existing NDI or SDI workflow as a plug and play appliance, it is easy to deploy and administer. BRIDGE NDI 3G brings immense conversion power and flexibility, fully controllable remotely for AV use, security and surveillance, broadcast, eSports, entertainment venues, and a wide range of other facilities needing high quality, efficient NDI encoding and decoding.
  • Emotion Systems will be launching Eve NDI, its new NDI audio monitoring and processing tool. Broadcasters all have Live Audio monitoring tools for SDI, HD-SDI-based facilities, however, there is a lack of tools available for NDI monitoring. Emotion Systems CEO, MC Patel will attend BroadcastAsia from London to demo and answer any questions.
  • Aniket Rangnekar from Apantac will be demonstrating for the first time in APAC its new NDI multiviewer. The Mi-16 series of Multiviewers now accepts full bandwidth NDI® (Network Device Interface) inputs. The new NDI support means that Mi-16 can interface with video devices and sources connected over an IP network and adds to Apantac’s growing NDI-supported ecosystem of solutions. The Mi-16-NDI Multiviewer series can display up to 16 NDI streams or sources (1080P) in a variety of layouts and supports up to HDMI 2.0, 12G and 3G SDI outputs with supported output resolutions up to 2160P@60Hz. As a fully-featured Multiviewer, the Mi-16-NDI series offers an extensive on-screen display for borders, dynamic and static labels, UMDs, tally LEDs, alarm tags, clocks, and logos. This helps each source to be clearly displayed and labeled, and users can easily select what sources to view in full screen if necessary. The Mi-16-NDI also decodes up to 8 embedded audio per NDI input and offers a total of 64 audio meters. This family of multiviewers supports low latency – single-frame processing delay and low energy usage.
  • NETGEAR – At the core of our many NDI solutions we trust NETGEAR switches, cost effective, reliable and optimised for NDI. They are one of the key ingredients of the winning NDI secret sauce. Traditionally, IP-based audio and video workflows required costly equipment and complex configuration settings at the production end. As such, creation of high-quality audio/video content was restricted to professional studios. The NETGEAR AV Line of M4250 switches with its new, easy-to-use web interface combined with NDI software greatly reduce the cost and complexity associated with audio and video workflows. With NETGEAR and NDI, content creators can focus on telling a better story and not worry about getting to a professional studio or deal with the traditional AV workflow technology.
  • Telescript – Ideal has deployed Telescript NDI prompters in many of its studio installations increasing functionality and ease of use. This IP-ready prompter system automatically detects any NDI/NDI|HX device on your network and also includes SDI, HDMI, composite, and VGA inputs plus AV and SDI loop outputs.
  • KILOVIEW – Ideal has been working with Kiloview for NDI and SRT encoders, decoders, and recorders on multiple projects across APAC region for Beijing to Singapore. Kiloview’s Judy Zuo will be join Ideal on the booth from China to showcase the company’s latest NDI infrastructure. During NAB 2023, Kiloview launched a new generation of 5G bonding video encoder – P3. This product integrates the success plus customers’ feedback from its former models P1/P2 to meet the specific needs of all users, especially in outdoor video production scenarios. With its new features, P3 can be extremely beneficial to ensure field production reliability and enhance live production capabilities. Besides the presence of P3, Kiloview will showcase a series of hardware and software solutions to demonstrate the Kiloview ecosystem – the complete IP-based ecosystem in video transmission. All the solutions including CUBE series, LinkDeck series and the latest N60/N50/N6/N5 NDI Converters as well as the E3 will be in live demos to show the complete workflow of the leading IP-based solution.
  • Mike Fredriksen from RT Software in London will be showing RT Software’s new NDI range of broadcast graphics solutions on Ideal Solutions stand at Broadcast Asia. As part of the end-to-end NDI infrastructure being demonstrated on the Ideal Solution stand, booth visitors will be able to see stand out highlights from the product range include Tactic Pro providing the fastest and most accurate sports telestration thanks to its AI powered features. Tactic Pro has been wowing audiences with the incredible speed of automatic player tracking, and the latest release v7.0 will be making its debut at Broadcast Asia. RT Software has also just announced the latest version of Swift News which now supports ENPSv9. Visitors will be able to see how the browser based Swift Live control system can be used to trigger newsroom graphics to air, and customised according to the needs of each broadcaster or even for each different type of show. Mike Fredriksen, Commercial Director will be on hand to discuss the challenges of delivering graphics for news, sports entertainment and channel branding and how NDI is a proven way to achieve cost reductions without impacting broadcast quality.
  • SI Media – Davide Sabbion from SI Media will join Ideal from Italy to demonstrate its NDI ingest, Automation and Playout. SI Media platform YES! Allows media from anywhere to be easily processed via web. YES! is the result of more than 30 years in the broadcast market wide experience in the management means Yes can manage SRT or NDI streams, 2110 – compressed and uncompressed, SD HD UHD clips and all the most common coders, wrappers and protocols including the latest NDI release Ver. 5.5
  • BirdDog – Jason Bock from BirdDog Australia will be on our booth showcasing the latest award-winning BirdDog NDI PTZ cameras which we will be using as live inputs for many of our other on booth NDI demonstrations. BirdDog have just released its latest product, the X120, the world’s first Wi-Fi enabled production PTZ with NDI HX3. This award-winning PTZ camera delivers unprecedented flexibility and freedom, with no video cables needed. Additionally, BirdDog has just introduced a new range of apps that allow users to interface with BirdDog PTZ Cameras through their iPad and iPhone, and view NDI sources on Android native TVs and Chromecast with Google TV.
  • nxtedition – Roger Persson and Adam Leah will join Ideal from Sweden to demonstrate their award-winning, next-generation NDI-enabled NRCS, nxtedition. Roger and Adam will show how nxtedition’s innovative media production platform can help broadcasters and news agencies to consolidate and streamline workflows to boost productivity and lower the total cost of ownership. With nxteditions NDI in and out integration, users can now easily incorporate live video feeds from or to any NDI-enabled device or source, such as cameras or switchers, for live production and ingest NDI sources with cyclical record times between 1 and 48 hours. In addition, with nxteditions OpenAI Whisper integration, you can directly convert ingested content from speech to text on the server infrastructure and index it for search or use to generate subtitles with no 3rd party costs. Add to this all the studio automation, prompter, transcode, storage, playout, MAM, graphics and NRCS scripting, and you have a complete ‘omni’ solution that negates many fragile integrations.
  • Mediaproxy – Joining is from Australia is Erik Otto, CEO and founder of Mediaproxy, an award-winning company and global leader providing complete solutions for the monitoring and logging of rich-media to broadcasters, IPTV, cable and satellite providers around the world. Mediaproxy’s latest version of LogServer platform now supports NDI and provides 24/7 multichannel recording and live monitoring of video, audio and real-time data sources. Contents may be reviewed and managed ‘long after the event’ for legal and commercial compliance requirements and competitive analysis.
  • JVC will have the first NDI|HX Capable JVC GY-HC500 Series Camcorder in APAC on the Ideal booth. The camera that has just been launched has a new NDI|HX mode modification that adds the capability for the GY-HC500 to become a live video source for NDI®|HX compatible hardware or software connected to the local area network (LAN). Features available in the NDI|HX mode include automatic camera discovery on the LAN by supported hardware and software, tally support, and IP remote control capability. The great news is that current owners of the GY-HC500 will be able to have their camcorders updated to incorporate the new NDI|HX features (for an extra charge).
  • FOR.A will be showcasing the newly launched HVS-490 switcher for the first time in APAC. The HVS-490 offers flexible expansion, opening the door to even more affordable 4K production. Exclusive MELite technology extends the switcher’s 2 M/Es to offer 6 M/E performance. It has expanded switching capabilities with user assigned FLEXaKEY or feature rich 2.5D DVE, for compositing with up to 12 keyers. FOR.A announced HVS-490 supports NDI at NAB using the optional HVS-NIF*2 card. The HVS-NIF*2 serves as a video/audio transceiver and creates a system capable of handling IP and baseband signals.
  • Sienna – On the booth Ideal will showcase The Emmy Award winning Sienna ND Processing Engine. This is a modular infrastructure to facilitate migration of SDI to NDI workflows, and enable a new generation of NDI based facilities. It replaces racks full of traditional SDI glue modules, commonly used for tasks such as scaling, bug insertion, audio embedding, de-embedding and mixing, plus other video and audio processing.
  • Alice Cloud Integration Framework – Alice is a platform from Ideal Systems that makes easier to fill the gaps between manufacturers and systems and helps the seamless integration and usage of many of different NDI systems Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Hardware based and also existing legacy SDI and 2110 systems and media workflows and business processes.

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