Saturday, April 1, 2023

Ideal Systems – from NDI to the Cloud

Ideal Systems will be expounding the virtues of NDI and cloud-based workflows on booth F51-09 at this year’s BroadcastAsia.

According to Fintan Mc Kiernan, Chief Executive Officer – South East Asia, “We’ve got lots of our NDI partners that we’ve been working with, so we’re showing a number of NDI solutions, proven solutions and then we’re talking about what’s happening in the cloud. And our key cloud partners are obviously people like Comcast, Grass Valley with GV AMPP, albeit we’re adjacent to the GV stand so that makes that kind of easy as well. But we’ve got some very large GV cloud deployments coming up with GV AMPP which we’re working on right at the moment as well. Yes, I think the nice thing about pretty much everything that’s on the booth at the moment it’s everything that we are deploying, have deployed and are deploying more of, but it’s all quite new as well.

“Almost everything on the booth is something that either didn’t exist or we hadn’t deployed or tested or even used at the last in-person show, so the world has moved on quite a bit in three years. So that makes it interesting and, having come back from NAB, the excitement of really kind of meeting people again and seeing the new technology, but there’s a really perceivable jump forward in technology in that kind of Covid window actually. And I think Covid is part of the push, like I said, into the cloud and NDI, like everything that was done remotely and that really pushed NDI as well. You really had to have a pandemic to change the mindset of broadcast technologists which has played out already, so to speak.”


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