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Thursday, May 30, 2024

LYNX Technik Showcases Advanced Processing Platform at BroadcastAsia

LYNX Technik will showcase its greenMachine processing platform at BroadcastAsia 2024, which offers flexibility through deployable licenses. Functionality includes UPXD, FS, color and video correction, audio embedding/de-embedding and processing, multiple timing adjustments, dynamic test pattern generation, Audio/Video synchronization analysis and correction; and the multiple award-winning Evie+ HDR <> SDR real-time conversion. Each ‘Constellation’ (or function set) can be enabled with a simple license key. Licenses can be changed within each greenMachine or swapped to different greenMachines as production circumstances require, reducing the amount of equipment and re-racking for different productions or locations.

The company will also showcase its yellobrik range, which uniquely includes a locking and powering rack frame with a redundant power option, and the Ethernet interface Rack Controller and Server yellobrik modules allow remote configuration and monitoring with full SNMPv2 compatibility for third-party integration. The celebrated range includes SDI<>HDMI conversion, embedding/de-embedding, frame synchronization, UPXD and 12G format conversion, distribution, and the industry’s widest range of fibre converters for 1.5G, 3G, 6G and 12G, 48G-SDI, 4K HDMI, Analogue Sync, 1/10G ethernet, MADI and RS/GPIO. Stand-alone or fully integrated, there is a yellobrik solution.

Also available for demonstration is the company’s LynxCentraal software, which unifies the classic yelloGUI, APPolo (series 5000), and greenGUI configuration and control interfaces into a single free application. Along with the familiar graphical configuration screens, it provides a powerful AutoControl function to monitor and react to events within the LYNX infrastructure. Full SNMPv2 compatibility enables integration with virtually any automation system. Also included, Custom Control gives users the power to create and assign authority levels to customized control screens for operational or configuration use. Full ‘backup and restore’ and ‘copy-paste’ configuration tools are included across the LYNX environment.

LYNX Technik will be at Broadcast Asia Stand 6A4-4.


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